4 Things You Need To Know About the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Training

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in the year of 1996 by the government of United States of America and was sanctioned by the then president Mr. Bill Clinton. This Act includes Title I and Title II (Administrative Simplification or AS) which deals with the regularization of the electronic transactions for policy buyers and insurers. Since the introduction of HIPAA, about eight years ago, the health insurance industry has definitely been working efficiently. Logistics Training Course in Dubai

In order to understand the full benefits of HIPAA and its complete working, a HIPAA training course is recommended. The trainees can be representatives from healthcare clearinghouses, business associates of those in the health field, insurance companies, employers that have subscribed to group health plans, those who have taken health insurance and medical care providers. Every individual, thus, has different needs from HIPAA; hence you can model your course according to your needs. HIPAA has a lot of attributes to it; you can choose to study the ones which are relevant to you.

A HIPAA training online course is molded according to your needs so that you even have the brilliant opportunity of choosing the instructor, schedule and the course module. All this has to be done keeping in mind the compliance of your position, i.e. the entities covered under the act: exchange of Electronic Protected Health Information (EPHI) is one of the most important clauses of the Act. You are also given the option of seeking the help of subject specialists. Those in the software development of the EPHI, that work with the data and networks are also obliged to be in the know of all the statutes that have been kept in place about the transaction, privacy and security of EPHI. However, the reasons you should also subscribe to an online course are below.

The benefits of HIPAA training online are:

• It is a highly interactive course which gives you ample opportunity to ask your instructor questions just like in a regular classroom.

• If you are an individual, it teaches you about how to seek medical record information. It reminds you of the rights you possess under the act, of control over your information and the repercussions if its privacy is violated.

• A lot of online supplement reading is given out to students; it should explain to individuals, for example, that the covered entity is entitled to tell them about disclosures of PHI to third parties, or logging of any incorrect PHI or any subsequent change or how the individual is entitled to health operations through disclosure of EPHI and that he/she has a right to file a complaint if dissatisfied with the level of privacy maintained. This is essential information.

• It allows you to pursue the module you are categorized into, in your own time, place and pace. It is also quite affordable, with an end of session certificate promised.

So even if you do not work in the health care industry, it might be a good idea to familiarize yourself about HIPAA and its regulations to understand your rights.


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