"United as one, divided by none"

Divisions, or spartan companies, within LXM serve as the unique administrative units of LXM. The divisions include: Alpha Division, the Presidential Guard, the 301st Battalion, and the 4th Legion, and Arcadia Division.There is one main division, the Presidential Guard, which is also the largest and most active division.


Marshal: LXM Nadekil

Vice Marshal: Deltawolf256

Chief of Staff: Vacant

Colors: White and Red (On spartan, primary- Salt, Secondary- Brick, Visor- Blindside)

Membership (July 2017): 72

Background: LXM Alpha Division, originally names 'LXM Gaming', was founded on December 14th, 2015, by President Volo, serving as the first Halo 5 division. The spartan company grew to around 100 members in June 2016, reaching the limit on Halo waypoint. In September 2016, the division was renamed to 'LXM Alpha Division', following administrative changes. The division is currently the most progressed in LXM, achieving 70% commendations as of June 2017. The division is difficult for new members to adjust to however, since most of its members have been in the clan for a year or longer.


Colors: Pepper (Primary), secondary; varies per rank

Membership (September 2017): 87

Background: the Presidential Guard was formed on June 22nd, 2016, originally called 'LXM Gaming 2'. Its purpose was to serve as a secondary frontier for LXM to expand upon, following the completion of Alpha's recruitment. The division was renamed 'LXM Beta Division' in September 2016, following administrative changes, and for a long time, was considered to be the least active division. On June 3rd, 2017, the division was renamed to the 'LXM Presidential Guard', with the express purpose of serving as President Volo's personal force, a plan to increase competitiveness and activity. The Presidential Guard is currently in the process of rebuilding itself, and are expected to receive enhanced training in raids and close quarters combat, and will likely become the most militaristic division. The division also participates in ceremonial duties, such as convoys, as was seen in LXM's 'A Declaration' youtube video. The division was led by Mr Beck X, former Defense Minister of LXM.

STATE OF UMBRA (military)

Colors: Steel and aubergine

Membership (August 2017): 15

Governor: xZeus33x

Vice-Governor: AlfyMCXD

Background: The State of Umbra is a new military sub-division, formed within LXM as the first state of the states system. The State of Umbra is based off of a shadowy theme, and is led by xZeus33x.