"United as one, divided by none"

Activities: About

Activities include, but are not limited to: Custom Games, Arena, Warzone, Firefight, Basic Training, Practice Raids, and video filming. Many factors are taken into account when hosting, including who is hosting, how large the fireteam is, popular opinion, and how long the game is being hosted. During military drills such as basic training or practice raids, members may be asked to change primary and secondary armor colors to confine to uniform, but are not expected to change the actual armor itself. Uniform mainly depends on the host, but most uniform is either colored blue, black, or white. Once the game is over, members are free to change back to their original colors.

Custom Games

Custom games in LXM, as mentioned above, may be hosted, but this depends on the host. Custom games in LXM can range from purely fun custom games, such as Survive the Underground, Survive the City, Jenga Tower, Jenga City, and Drag Race, which are all favorites among members. Sometimes, custom games may be hosted on maps made by LXM's Forge Team, for the purpose of testing and gaining feedback on their development. Please note, that although Basic Training and practice raids are hosted in the custom games browser, they are not defined as custom games, per LXM standards.

Basic Training

Basic Training is hosted by LXM's Marshals and any qualified rank. Basic Training is sometimes hosted on Mondays and Wednesdays. Basic Training is meant to fine tune LXM members' skills, creating a hybrid army, who can switch to a military force at a moments notice. Basic Training consists of five exercises:

- Exercise 1: Shooting and Grenade Range

• Shooting range: Use Battle Rifles and DMRs to shoot plasma grenades on top of poles.

• Grenade Range: Use accuracy to throw grenades into boxes, with detonate the explosives inside

- Exercise 2: Driving Course

• Fine tune your warthog or mongoose driving skills in a deadly course. Watch out for killballs and pass through the orange markers to complete the course.

- Exercise 3: PvP

• Fight fellow LXM members in two different arenas. One for conventional combat, and the other for melee combat (energy swords).

- Exercise 4A & 4B: Evasion I and Demolitions Precision

• Evasion I: Avoid turret fire and navigate through a shallow water course, taking cover to eventually make your way to the finish platform.

• Demolitions Precision: Use long range accuracy with Grenades, Rocket Launchers, and Grenade Launchers to take out vehicles such as Scorpions and Mantises. This is mainly for precision training, and getting to know the ranges of these weapons.

- Exercise 5: Evasion II

• Use the cover of jagged rocks to make your way through the course, avoiding sniper fire. Complete the course by reaching the sniper's podium.

Practice Raids

Practice raids are hosted much less often than custom games or basic training, mainly due to the time it takes to make raid maps. The purpose of practice raids, is to prepare LXM members for actual raids with other clans, should LXM engage in hostilities. Practice raids are usually hosted by President Volo, and consist of one team of defenders, and another of attackers. The attackers must take the base within the specified amount of time, and hold it for at least 10 minutes, uncontested.


The following are rules that should be followed during LXM hosted sessions:

1. Utmost respect to the host and officers in charge. Hosts are giving up their free time to provide a service to LXM members, and shouldn't be given a hard time.

2. Mic/Headset courtesy: Mics are not requires, but joining a party in some circumstances is, especially in basic training or practice raids. Music should never be played in the mic, nor should videos.

3. Respect fellow members - If you have a rivalry with someone, take it to the officers. Don't take matters into your own hands.

* Basic Training Specific Rules:

No killing fellow members in non-designated areas. There is a PvP area for that. If you see someone killing another member, do not kill them. Report them to an officer or the host, and they will deal with it.

Follow the group: Wandering around the map isn't the purpose of basic training, and could seem suspicious.

Insubordination is not tolerated: Follow all orders given. Officers have been trained, and know what they're doing.

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