"United as one, divided by none"
Above: LXM Volo and LXM Vesuvius, founders of LXM.


The creation of LXM is a tale of honor, valor, hard work, friendship, and loyalty to the utmost length that any man can go. These are the qualities of LXM. These are our qualities. They shape the way we exist within the thickly woven borders of Lotus 'Xin Mercenaries. Yet what if I told you another tale, that wove itself into LXM, but was from other clans that existed before our reign, and somehow, like two adjacent rivers, flooded itself into one tale. A tale of war. A tale of both dark and light times. A tale of clans, that encrusted themselves so deeply into the Earth, that when broken, its members dove into a hidden, spiraling tunnel, which lead them into a pursuit of heaven. A tale of the Lotus 'Xin Mercenaries

To most clearly understand the history of LXM and its diplomacy status, you must go back to the late 2013. Allow me to take you there now...


LXM Clan's history is a mighty long one. However, nonetheless, it is an interesting story about how far we, as a clan, have progressed. Lets begin...

LXM Clan was formed on September 19, 2013, at around 8: 45 PM, on a Thursday. At first, it was just President Volo, but then former Vice President Vesuvius joined on September 20th, Ace joined soon after that, and at around October, Kellen joined, who has been the Third in Command for at least 2 years, but now, unfortunately has retired (as of 12/12/15). All 3 of these men played a key part in our epic founding. At first, President Volo didn't know what to do, he was inexperienced at making sites (but obviously isn't now), and was a young leader who was respected by few. He decided to make LXM Clan's main game Star Wars: Republic Commando, as it was easy to recruit on and put on clan tags. However, Xbox 360 console gaming was allowed as well. Eventually, LXM got around one page of members by December, 2013. However, internal struggles amongst our leadership at the time was rampant, with many controversies ad arguments springing up around President Volo. These events, including the speculated impersonation of [DC]Jasen[LDR2], and high tensions between LXM Clan and Republic Elites (now deleted), led to an unofficial, Cold War.

(December 2013 - July 2014)
Belligerents: LXM Clan, Republic Elites

Although no official war was declared, it certainly felt like one. However, there's a reason why Republic Elites is no longer a clan, and we are (http://www.republicelites.shivtr.com). The odds at first, were obviously in RE's favor. Those evil bastards had many allies, including DC, Mando, and GS, just to name a few. RE also had many members, and, as a result of its rapid, no background or skill base recruiting, they had 90 to over 100 members, wheras LXM had 18 - 20 members at that time, since we were more careful with who we recruited. We also had no trustworthy allies. This was one of the many reasons why President Aisin avoided declaring war all together. It would have lead to our defeat, and isolation from the rest of the Shivtr Gaming world. However, despite this, most can agree that the arguments that Beast (the leader of RE) and President Volo had were many. Eventually, RE sent spies over to LXM to monitor us, and forced Volo to stay in RE, as he had joined several months before the Cold War had occurred. By February, tensions had subsided, but as there was no official start to the war, there was no official end to it either. However, in July 2014, when Kellen, an LXM member as well as an RE member got fed up with Beast, he used his Site Admin powers to wreck havoc among the site, bringing the end to RE, and the Cold War with it.


(February 2014 - March 2014)

As one may reasonably expect, events happened within the time period of the Cold War too. One of those things was the Battlefield 4 Golden Age. It started over February break of 2014. Volo had bought the game about 2 months prior, but really started getting good at it in February. So President Volo began recruiting on console instead of SWRC, and our rates skyrocketed. We had 3 pages of members within a month after that. Members finally enjoyed what LXM Clan was supposed to be: a fun gaming paradise. However, this would all come to an end, once school resumed in March, 2014.

The Great Dead Period
(March 2014 - July, 2014)

The great dead period was a time in which LXM Clan almost faced complete collapse. It occurred after the BF4 Golden age that saw the decline of activity as a result of the current school year, as February break had ended. The site had an average 16% activity rate, although 50% of members remained active on Xbox. It was one of the worst periods of LXM's history, as it saw the decline of activity, recruiting rates, and monthly views. It ended when summer began in late June - Early July, and President Volo managed to recruit and get our membership sky high again.


(July 2014 - November, 2014)

The membership golden age was one of the best times in LXM's history, recruitment wise. At the beginning of it, LXM encompassed of about 40 members, and at the end of it, it had 120 members. It was a result of President Volo excessively recruiting on Xbox to revive the clan, which definitely worked. However, when the school year came in September, rates gradually fell until November, when the recruiting rates were practically at zero. Also, a clan that massive was too hard to maintain, leading to even more rampant inactivity.


(May 2014 - July 2014)

In May, a fellow named BossK (now Semper Fi) asked LXM for assistance in the destruction of Mando Clan. He knew that LXM and Mando were once enemies, and said that Confederated Mando and LXM could work together. President Volo refused, stating that those tensions were history. BossK declared war on Mando, and threatened LXM Clan. Fed up, in around July, President Volo used a virus that he and Spartacus had been developing originally to destroy RE Clan, on Confederated Mando. Their site was destroyed, and ToXic Clan was rebuilt in it's place. It was later revealed that BossK was an agent of Mandoa Clan (Different from Mando), which was one of President Volo's former enemies in 2011, when he lead DW Clan.


(January 2015 - September 2015)

During this period, beginning in January 2015, LXM was reorganized into the modern day clan that it is today. First, in his 2015 Address, President Volo formed a new government to better lead the clan. He got Kevin, King Zheng, and later on Scorpius to join the clan. Together they aimed to reorganize the clan after increasing inactivity. However, eventually talks fell apart, as the recruitment of these members created a split between the LXM Leadership. These new leaders, along with President Volo, believed in stricter rules and enforcing them, while Kellen wanted more moderate steps to be taken. Neither side was right, and it lead to the temporary collapse of the clan, and a mini- civil war that lasted for 7 months, until President Volo finally agreed to make a compromise to end the arguments and begin re-building the clan. It is important to note that in around July, President Volo kicked out all inactive members, in fact, so many were kicked out, that today LXM Clan has 20 pages of members, and 7 pages of members that have been kicked out. After this era, recruitment on Black Ops II began, and lead the way for a slow steady progress.


(October 26th - December 6th, 2015)
Belligerents: Mandoa Factions (LXM Backed), Mandoa Remnant

Two years after its founding, LXM Clan would experience its first true war. In around October Mandoa ViPr, a former General within Mandoa Remnant, or what was left of Mandoa Clan once they were defeated by President Volo in 2011, came to LXM Clan for aid. He had betrayed Mandoa ƒather (the then Mandoa Clan leader), along with five other generals, and formed the Mandoa Factions (The Keeps) as a separate clan in 2013. The two sides had been in conflict ever since, and so President Volo decided to get involved to defeat Mandoa ƒather, a ally of Mandoa Fett, President Volo's worst online enemy. LXM declared war in late October. The war was to consist of six (6) battles on Star Wars Battlefront II. When the war began, VíPr, along with President Volo's and Kevin's expert strategies, won the first four battles, thus winning the entire war. Leadership of all of Mandoa was transferred to VíPr, where it has remained ever since. Mandoa ƒather was hacked by President Volo and Spartacus, and kept as a POW on this site. He remains on our roster till this day. BossK (Semper Fi) was given full amnesty for his former crimes against LXM Clan shortly after this, as he had fought with the Mandoa Factions. The war officially ended on December 6th, 2015.


(December 2015 +)

Modern day LXM was first founded in December, 2015, when we fully transitioned to Xbox One. The main games that we are on today were first introduced at that time, and as a result, we officially became a Halo 5: Guardians majority gaming clan. The LXM Spartan Company was created and was made active on December 29th, 2015. LXM Clan has experienced nothing but prosperity since, and has recruited about 40 more members on Xbox One, 30 of which are on Halo 5: Guardians and the rest on Battlefront. About half of our Halo 5: Guardians members have joined our Spartan Company as well, based on their exceptional skill (skill requirement is now removed). It is important to note that this was the first time ever, since 2013, that LXM Clan did not plunge into inactivity during the school year, as recruiting rates have managed to remain stable since December, with about 2-3 members joining every week. On February 6th, 2016, the polls were started for a new Leader for the 2016 - 2017 term. President Volo won re-election on 2/13/16, with 63% of the vote, while Spartacus had 27%, and Scorpius at 10%.


(December 2015 - August 2016)

In mid-February, 2016, BossK overthrew ViPr, in Mandoa Clan, after accusing him of stagnating the current inactivity within Mandoa Clan. He won widespread support and took control as Supreme Commander. However, on March 13th, after over a month of his leadership, none of his promises were fufilled, leading President Volo to negotiate for his removal, and the installment of Vesuvius, 2nd in Command of LXM, as the new Supreme Commander of Mandoa. This proclamation was made official by TranDo, a high ranking member within Mandoa, who confirmed Vesuvius's right to lead. During this time, on 1/31/16, LXM PC was created, to revive the 2 year inactivity of PC gaming within our clan. Al Caliph, a member of LXM UAE was made head of recruitment for LXM International as well as LXM PC by Spartacus, Third in Command of LXM. Recruitment for both is set to commence later on in March, or in early April. Later on, on March 24th, 2016, Vesuvius, after 11 days of leadership, was forced to leave Mandoa through the means of popular vote, and TranDo was proclaimed as new Supreme Commander. Changes were then made in Mandoa, including 1 year term limits on the Supreme Commanders, and the imposition of Advisers as the new second in commands. Vesuvius then created VES Gaming. on 4/18/16, ViPr, was proclaimed 8th Supreme Commander of Mandoa, as part of a compromise he made with TranDo, to keep the peace within the clan. ViPr was sworn in for his second term as SC of Mandoa on 4/9/16. ViPr was yet overthrown again, by TranDo, who seized power due to his inactivity on July 23rd, 2016. On August 4th, 2016, TranDo proclaimed the Empire of Mandoa, with him as its Emperor. LXM withdrew from Mandoa on August 8th, 2016. In February 2017, TranDo was overthrown by Mandoa Phipus, who received LXM's support. 


(March 2016 - August 2016)

At around early April, 2016, LXM Officially reached a new golden age, having reached over 100 members on 4/2/16 for the first time since 2015. The LXM Gaming Spartan Company for Halo 5 also reached around 25 members during this time period. This new Golden Age was brought about by mass recruiting of players on Halo 5, and keeping in touch with them to make sure they remain active, through co-operating with these said members VIA Custom Games, as well as Warzone and Arena matches. In fact, this recruiting was so successful, that in March 2016 alone, President Volo managed to recruit about 30 members. This is also one of the few times that LXM has had a Golden Age during the school year. It is also important to note, that the rank Premier was created on 3/31/16, and Zhi Dgo was sworn in on that day for his first three month term. About a month later, Semper Fi (BossK) was elected to the position of Deputy Premier via popular vote, resulting in the abolition of the LDR3 (Third in Command) rank. The golden age would come to an end following the Coup Attempt of August 21st. 


(June 19th, 2016)

On June 19th, 2016, President Volo uncovered a plot to betray him. The coup had been in planing since September of 2015, but lacked the clarity to be successful, so it was put off for a while. The conspirators included: General Spartacus, Deputy Premier Semper Fi, and Premier Zhi Dgo. Eventually, Zhi Dgo confessed to President Volo in May of 2016, thus betraying his fellow coup plotters. He believed that President Volo would help him win another 3 month term as Premier. President Volo refused to give into his demands, citing that there was not enough proof of foul play. However, when Semper Fi also confessed to President Volo, on June 19th, seeking a second term as Deputy Premier, Volo realized that the extent of this corruption was indeed very real. President Volo forced the three conspirators, who were some of the most powerful LXM members at the time, to retire. They were barred from running for re-election, and Spartacus, was stripped of his rank as Leader of LXM's PC section, as well as his command status within the United Front. President Volo then went on to declare a state of crisis within LXM, until June 30th, 2016, when elections would be held to elect the new Premier and Deputy Premier. President Volo also gave himself the rank Lord of LXM, temporarily, to have emergency powers. President Volo went on to say that he would be giving more of the Xbox members greater influence over the clan, thus ending nearly 3 years of rule by the minority PC gamers.


(Late June - Early July, 2016)

On June 21st, 2016, LXM Vesuvius resigned his post as Vice President after 2 years, 9 months, and 2 days in office. Kevin was made interim Vice President one day later. However, this was only the first of many changes within LXM's inner circle. About a week later, on June 30th, JCL'Smith, an Xbox member, won the election as Premier, after beating the PC candidate, Scorpius, 52% - 48%. Halo ma5ter300, also an Xbox member, won the election for Deputy Premier, after beating the PC candidate, Jong-il. This signified a massive change within LXM's leadership, as it resulted in the loss of PC member influence over the clan, and the fact that LXM's majority Xbox members were now no longer willing to be led by the PC minority. After nearly 3 years at the top of LXM, now, the only PC members left in high positions are Kevin and Scorpius.


(August 21st, 2016)

On August 4th, Dizzy Rite joined LXM Clan, and offered his services to build a military branch of the clan. After much debate, President Volo agreed to try out a new system for LXM. A branch that was both competitive and active. At 12:00 AM on August 15th, Kevin resigned his post as Vice President, citing the fact that he was a PC member within an Xbox Clan. He nominated Dizzy Rite as his successor. Dizzy Rite quickly assumed the rank on LXM about 20 minutes later. Dizzy Rite then brought many of his other friends into the clan. Most notably: Shaw XiiX, who was appointed General of the Military Branch. After consolidating a large array of power amongs the elected ranks, and after gaining full control of the military branch, Dizzy Rite, Shaw XiiX, PinkRav3n, Breaking Bennet, and insane dank78 (known as The Gang of 5) attempted to overthrow President Volo in a malicious coup. Breaking Bennet seized control of the new site they had made for LXM, and Dizzy Rite and Shaw XiiX attempted to get President Volo to hand over his old site (this site). To prevent them from attempting to usurp more power, President Volo gave them the login info to his old account, but not before transferring ownership of the site to one of his back-up accounts. Having survived the coup attempt, President Volo then went on to purge the Gang of 5 from the clan, as well as all other known associates. Deputy Premier halo ma5ter300 was also implicated in the coup attempt, but was relieved of all serious charges a few days later. The Gang of 5 then created a new clan called TROGC, using some of LXM's old members. On August 24th, Shaw XiiX extended an olive branch of peace to the President, an offer which President Volo accepted. On August 29th, this peace was renewed again, after several disputes. Currently, The Gang of 5 are all enemies of LXM. The most wanted are Dizzy Rite (charges: Vice Presidential misconduct, coup plotting, treason, insubordination, attempted manipulation) and Shaw XiiX (charges: Military misconduct, treason, coup plotting). It is important to note that in early September, 2016, xX TEXS Xx, defected back to LXM from TROGC and was made General of the Dark Genocide Special Unit.


(September 2016 - January 2017)

After the coup attempt of August 21st, President Volo took a number of coup proofing measures: The first - The President automatically becomes the General Secretary of the Central Committee, meaning the military side of the clan cannot act on its own, nor turn the office of the President into a puppet rank. The second - Integrating government officials into the military: Each government official (President, Vice President, Premier, etc) is guaranteed a top position in any division, which again, inserts political leaders into the ranks of the military . And the third: The abolition of the electoral system; The elections held in LXM from March-September of 2016, resulted in many inexperienced people being put into high ranks. As a result, LXM was weak. Now, the Premier and Vice President is appointed by the President, along with approval from the Central Committee. Changes within the offices themselves include:

• The removal of halo ma5ter300 from the rank of Premier, on September 20th, 2016, due to prolonged inactivity. halo ma5ter300 was replaced by LXM Kevin, as Acting Premier, on that same day. He will serve as acting Premier until President Volo appoints a new one.

• The removal of LXM Vesuvius from the rank of Vice President, after a combined length of 2 years, 10 months, and 19 days as Vice President of LXM. He was removed on October 10th, 2016, due to dereliction of duty, as he had resigned from the rank unjustly in June of 2016, but had assumed the rank again on August 22nd, 2016. In accordance to the line of succession LXM nadekil, Lieutenant General of Alpha Division, was made Vice President of LXM.

• On November 29th, 2016, President Volo used his Chairmanship of the Central Committee to dissolve the 3rd rotation, deeming most members of the rotation incompetent to serve in its leadership. The 3rd rotation was fully dissolved on December 1st, 2016, with its legislative abilities being temporarily given to the Central Advisory Commission, which will act as the clan's main legislature until January 2017, when the 4th rotation will be convened.


(January 2017 - February 2017)

President Volo's first act of the new year was the appointment of LXM Vesuvius as Premier. On January 2nd, 2017, President Volo delivered his 2017 Public Address, in which he expressed the need to expand to greater horizons, and reform the leadership. During the first few weeks of 2017, President Volo expanded LXM onto GTA, Overwatch, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, and Destiny. However, on January 7th, 2017, LXM NightWolfe, former Lieutenant General of Beta Division attempted to recruit officers to join him in a coup d'etat to depose President Volo, and was subsequently caught and subject to Elitist style public humiliation. Five days later, President Volo announced he would abolish the Central Committee, and replace it with a more specific system, known as the Council of Ministers. The Council of Ministers was designated, and took charge in February 2017. The President's full cabinet was appointed by February 28th, 2017. TaconBaco was appointed to the Premiership, and LXM Reaper to the Deputy Premiership on March 6th, 2017.


(February 25th, 2017 - present)

On February 14th, 2017, President Volo was approached with an offer to join a union, called the United Gaming Association. The President agreed to consider the matter, but subsequently declined, leaving Lockon Deadeye, leader of the UGA Black Dragons, enraged, and he began to spread rumors that the President had "slandered" UGA's name, and was a "horrifically corrupt" clan leader. On February 15th, the President confronted Lockon Deadeye over his unwarranted actions. The President further called him out on a lie, in which he claimed that the UGA had over 900 members, likely in a bid to win LXM over. The President once again, cited that LXM was a large clan, with unions or coalitions of smaller clans having no benefit nor relevance to its necessities. This time, Lockon Deadeye became enraged to an even greater degree, spewing insults and thus losing his composure. The UGA "declared war" on LXM on February 16th, 2017, a statement that LXM's Council of Ministers firmly rejected. On February 20th, the UGA attempted multiple flash raids against LXM members, thoroughly defining their own hostile actions. Following even further provocations, LXM's Council of Ministers issued a statement, on February 25th, given by President Volo in the presence of Vice President Nadekil, and Defense Minister Mr Beck X, declaring war on the UGA. The statement was seen by the community, becoming one of the most watched videos on LXM's Youtube channel. Subsequently, several clans, including the Divine Angels, WolfpackXtreme, The Ninth Legion, United Abaddon Empire, and the Empire of Mankind, issued their full support for LXM, with the UAE even offering its own troops, which the President declined. On February 28th, 2017, LXM won its first official encounter with the UGA, in a bid to make its presence known in the community. Two more raids have been agreed to, with designated times not yet being provided. On March 6th, 2017, following 17 flash raid attempts, the President declared a state of emergency in LXM, effective for 30 days. On March 26th and 31st, LXM won its second and third raids with the UGA, however the UGA refused to concede the war. On April 23rd, 2017, LXM uploaded a war-themed cinematic, "Merciful Plunder", which features body actors in UGA uniform, sparking outrage amongst UGA's leadership, after LXM portrayed them as weak and insubordinate, with the closing scene of their dead bodies fueling their rage. In retaliation, on May 20th, 2017, the UGA, disguised as randoms, surprise attacked LXM forces while they were setting up for a practice raid with Bellicose, but LXM was able to successfully drive them back, resulting in a humiliation for the UGA. As of August 2017, no further conflicts have occurred. 


(June - August 2017)

In May 2017, LXM began having disputes with a new clan known as 'Bellicose', a wolf based group led by Lycan Vargr. The disputes began when Vargr insisted that a practice raid was in reality an official raid, contrary to President Volo's belief. The disputes continued after Bellicose personnel repeatedly joined LXM open raids, sometimes backed by Divine Angels. Eventually, WPX, an ally of Bellicose, viciously denounced LXM, leading to a backlash. In early June 2017, President Volo began forming a coalition to take down Bellicose, which initially consisted of USN, THL, Project Renegade, the Lost Legions, Galactic Republic, and later on, UGN. UGN, lead by Gryphonizer, called a meeting and took charge of the coalition, promising President Volo that LXM would not have to engage Bellicose in actual combat, and would serve as media support. Eventually, after PR defeated Vargr in a single raid, and a 1v1, Bellicose withdrew from all of the community chats, and Vargr resigned as leader, leaving Lycan Koamalu as Acting leader. Initially seen as a success, it was revealed that Vargr was really pulling the strings, leading to LXM wishing to finish the job. On July 9, after Vargr's return, and encouragement on Gryphonizer's part (who also stated DA would declare war), LXM declared war. Without UGN's unconditional support however, the rest of the coalition, save for PR, did not. LXM and Project Renegade then merged, to better coordinate the war. The first raid resulted in a victory for LXM forces,due to a violation of ROE. The 2nd raid saw Bellicose's forces withdraw early, resulting in another win. The 3rd raid, however, was a win for Bellicose. The war saw little activity after the third raid, with LXM and Bellicose both claiming victory.