"United as one, divided by none"

10/14/17 - New leadership takes power

On October 1st, Rasputin RUS was elected the 11th Prime Minister of LXM, defeating General LCarey13 by a 11% margin. The campaign lasted 3 weeks, with both campaigns holding similar militarist goals. Rasputin was appointed to the post by President Volo that same day. On October 2nd, xZeus33x, was appointed First Deputy Prime Minister, serving as the chief aide to the Prime Minister. On October 8th, ItsGriffin v1 was appointed Second Deputy Prime Minister. The PM can delegate powers to his deputies, with the ranks holding little power without this delegation. Also on October 8th, Sharktooth117 was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, ending the rank's vacancy. The new administration is expected to make increased military and structural reforms to LXM.

Published October 14th, 2017: 9:01 PM EST Time

9/23/17 - New VP and MOFA appointed

On September 15th, Colonel Rasputin RUS was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs. The appointment came after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was restored by President Volo on September 3rd, following its abolition by Breathless' now nullified administration. Rasputin RUS, a candidate for PM in this month's general election, was appointed due to his experience in the workings of the community. On September 16th, former-Premier LXM HaloMa5ter was appointed the 7th Vice President of LXM, after the rank was restored to figurehead status on Saturday following Mr Beck X's abuse of the office's power. The newly restored Vice Presidency, formed in 2013, holds few powers other than succession to the Presidency, with the rank of Prime Minister (formerly known as Premier), once again ranking second. The Vice Presidency is a rank most often reserved for those with seniority within the clan, although the 5th Vice President, LXM Nadekil, broke this convention. Having joined LXM in March 2016, during a period of shocking growth in the clan now dubbed the 'march miracle', LXM HaloMa5ter is considered a senior member, having a 18-month tenure within the clan. The new Vice President served in several leading roles during this time, such as Second Deputy Premier, Deputy Premier, and Premier, as well as several military commands such as Major, Colonel, Chief of Staff, and Vice Marshal of the PG.

Published September 23rd, 2017: 11:42 AM EST Time

9/10/17 - Volo reinstated as President

On September 2nd, LXM Breathless resigned as President of LXM, following various ownership disputes over the clan with Volo, despite having agreed to allow Volo to retain ownership. Breathless selfishly not only left the clan upon his resignation, but also took his entire council, including Vice President Beck and Chancellor RoryM30, with him. Furthermore, 15 Presidential Guardsmen loyal to Breathless also left with him, forming a new clan called SOTD. President Volo, who had previously attempted to thwart their departure, reassumed the Presidency, and scheduled a two-round general election for later this month. The President then appointed a new interim leadership, and dissolved the ranks of Vice President, Chancellor, Marshal, Vice Marshal, and Chief of Staff, in an attempt to centralize the leadership. In its place, the ranks of Prime Minister (formerly known as Premier), Supreme Commander, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister, were restored. Since his departure, the LXM council has declared Breathless' term null and void, due to his grave violation of the duties incumbent upon him. President Volo also took to youtube, to address the community on the recent events that had occurred, receiving mostly positive feedback. Since these events, SOTD has since formed relations with Bellicose, in attempt to use them as insurance in the event of an attack staged by LXM.

Published September 10th, 2017: 1:30 PM EST

8/31/17 - Former Pres. Volo meets with Lycan Vargr

On August 21st, Former President and Chief Executive Volo met with Bellicose's leader, Lycan Vargr, in a preliminary meeting leading up to President Breathless' formal meeting several days later. The two former adversaries discussed moving on with relations between Bellicose and LXM, after both sides agreed the tensions were pointless. The discussion itself was a gesture of neutrality, although the meeting itself lasted no more than 15 minutes. Both sides brought 5 guards, with the Chief Executive accompanied by presidential guardsmen. The meeting was hosted on a newly constructed Bellicose fort, and occurred without problem or delay, although Vargr was not comfortable with the addition of mrswisscheese45 in Volo's entourage, citing Bellicose had 'bad blood' with him. One week later, Vargr met with the President, although the details of what was discussed are not entirely known.

Published August 31st, 2017: 4:25 PM EST Time

• 8/18/17 - New leadership within the PG

On August 10th and 11th, various military appointments within the Presidential Guard resulted in a total restructure of the division's leadership, and the inducting of two new members to the Council. On August 10th, Vice President Beck appointed Pickle Juicey12, a previously little known figure, as Marshal of the PG following his own resignation of the post succeeding his assumption of the Vice Presidency. Pickle Juicey12 joined LXM in July 2017, and previously served in the LXM - Bellicose War, as a sniper within the PG. Pickle Juicey, in turn, appointed LXM HaloMa5ter as Vice Marshal and Mstr Jrob X as Chief of Staff. LXM HaloMa5ter is considered a long-time member of LXM, joining on March 20, 2016. Having previously served as a Deputy Premier and Premier during the summer of 2016, HaloMa5ter transferred from Alpha Division to the PG in June 2017, serving as its Chief of Staff. Mstr Jrob X is, like Pickle, a new member of LXM and the PG, who joined the clan earlier this month, and also serves concurrently as Deputy Spokesperson within the Department of Media Affairs and Communications.

Published August 18th, 2017: 4:57 PM EST Time

• 8/12/17 - Rank reforms enacted


Above: President Breathless

The new administration of President Breathl3ss and Vice President Beck has reorganized LXM's ranking structure. Now the Vice Presidency ranks second instead of fourth, and the Chancellorship ranks third instead of second. The rank of Vice Chancellor has also been abolished, and the ministry of foreign affairs as well. Two councils have been established, with the former Council of Ministers now known as 'The Council', and a higher legislative body, known as the Supreme Council, has been formed, consisting of the President, Vice President, and Chancellor. Military reforms have also taken place, with new standard US Army ranks, in contrast to former-President Volo's mix of US and PLA ranks. New ways to rank up have also been introduced, although the standard way to rank up, through objectives, has not changed,

Published August 12th, 2017: 11:35 AM EST Time

• 8/3/17 - Breathless elected LXM's 2nd President

On August 2nd, at 2:00 PM EST Time, the polls to determine LXM's next President closed, after a day and a half of voting. The results yielded much expected results, with LXM Breathl3ss winning the election to become President-elect, while the runner-up, TmRealsy, was more than 16% behind. Mr Beck X received 20% of the vote, while recon spartan45 received 1.8%. A total of 219 votes were cast, highlighting a high turnout rate usual for Presidential Elections. The vote was marred with political tensions, due to the dispute between TmRealsy's supporters and members of the Presidential Guard, with Bellicose attempting to interfere in the election on Realsy's behalf. The fraud was quickly spotted however, with all invalid ballots being deleted in time. LXM Breath3ss will take office as the 2nd President of LXM on August 9th, with his inauguration ceremony planned for August 10th, signifying the first change of leadership in LXM since its founding in 2013.

Published August 3rd, 2017: 1:15 PM EST Time

• 7/31/17 - LXM Nadekil appointed Marshal of Alpha Division

Above: LXM Nadekil, January 2017

On July 31st, President Volo resigned as Alpha Division's Marshal, after serving a combined total of 19 months and 17 days as its leader, after founding the division on December 14th, 2015. The resignation came about as a result of Volo's tenure as president coming to a close, with the President deciding that dropping his last formal military post would make the transition go smoother. Vice President LXM Nadekil, who had served concurrently as Alpha Division's 2nd in command since August 2016 was named as his successor, thus beginning his tenure over the casual division. LXM Nadekil joined the clan in June 2016, serving as an enlisted member until August 2016, after which a coup attempt resulted in the dismissal of many officers. Nadekil was subsequently promoted to Lieutenant General of Alpha Division on August 26th, 2016. On October 10th, 2016, after LXM Vesuvius' dismissal, Nadekil was duly promoted to Vice President, but was not formally informed until October 17th. In January 2017, Nadekil was appointed Minister of Forge, leading the team on various building projects. On February 28th, Nadekil accompanied President Volo in issuing a declaration of war against the United Gaming Association (UGA), marking his most recent video appearance. After the decentralization reforms of June 2017, Nadekil was appointed Vice Marshal of Alpha Division, which was in reality a continuation of his position as Lieutenant General. Once the clan's most active division, Alpha's members have gone into a slight decline, and it will be the new Marshal's responsibility to clear out and rebuild the division.

Published July 31st, 9:49 PM EST Time

• 7/21/17 - President Volo's post-Presidency plans confirmed

Incumbent President of LXM, Volo, has confirmed plans for his post-Presidency. Earlier in July, the President announced that he would not be running for a 5th term, and instead would sit the election out, endorsing Chancellor Breathl3ss as his replacement. Serving as LXM's inaugural leader since September 2013, the change in leadership will mark the first in nearly half a decade. Following this statement, rumors and speculation began surrounding the outgoing leader, however most of these allegations are false. First, President Volo will remain an LXM member following the end of his presidency, and will not be joining any other clans. Second, President Volo will retain ownership of LXM's website and youtube channel through the position, Director of Media Affairs. Third, President Volo will take on the title 'Chief Executive and Owner of LXM', as well as the honorary 'Founder of LXM'. It has also been confirmed that these posts will be mainly titular. The outgoing President will serve as a senior adviser to the next President, and will act as a consultant on all sorts of special affairs. The President will also continue to make youtube videos for LXM, but will not voice them, and will be seeking a Spokesperson to handle this job for him in the near future. President Volo has also stated that in the future, he will run again for the presidency, but now was the time to hand power down to a younger generation. The President stated that a likely comeback date could be expected in the 2020s.

Published July 21st, 2017: 1:16 PM EST Time

• 7/16/17 - August Presidential election candidacies finalized

With just over 2 weeks left before the contentious elections for LXM's highest office, the candidacies have been finalized. In this year's election month, formerly in February before its movement to August, five candidacies have been confirmed: three from the Presidential Guard, one from the 301st Battalion, and one from the 4th Legion. President Volo will not be running for a fifth year, citing his intention to retire. From the Presidential Guard, LXM Breathl3ss, Mr Beck X, and BrendenG100 are running.

Above: LXM Breathl3ss, July 2017

LXM Breathl3ss, current Chancellor of LXM, has served in the clan since April 2016, and has been seen as a likely candidate for victory due to his high approval amongst Alpha Division, the Presidential Guard, and the 4th Legion.

Above: Mr Beck X, April 2017

Mr Beck X, former Defense Minister and current Marshal of the Presidential Guard has also been seen as a strong candidate, although he is mostly known within the Presidential Guard.

Above: BrendenG100, July 2017

BrendenG100, former Vice Marshal of the Presidential Guard, is yet another candidate from the Presidential Guard.

Above: TmRealsy, June 2017

From the 301st Battalion, TmRealsy stands as the sole candidate, meaning the vote from the 301st will be far less contentious than in the Presidential Guard. TmRealsy has been seen as a likely runner-up, who has promised to convert LXM into a full-time military clan, which could attract some hardliners from all divisions.


From the 4th Legion is recon spartan45, Deputy Foreign Affairs Officer of LXM. Although little known, there is potential for him winning a plurality of votes within the 4th Legion, and potentially establishing that as a foothold for future elections. 

Published July 16th, 2017: 10:34 AM EST Time

• 7/6/17 - War effort against the UGA to be renewed

On February 25th, 2017, LXM declared war on the UGA. Now, more than 4 months later, the war is still ongoing. The war began after the UGA declared war on LXM, following LXM's refusal to become part of the UGA. On February 18th, the UGA declared war and began calling random raid victories, including one in a Forge match. After continued harassment of the sort, LXM responded by declaring war on the UGA 7 days later, on February 25th. The first raid, held on February 28th, resulted in a win for LXM. However, as no previous ROE had been agreed upon, the UGA requested an ROE meeting, which LXM hosted. However, during the meeting, UGA personnel attacked LXM's forces, resulting in a short battle, in which casualties were inflicted on both sides, but the UGA was ultimately driven back. Following this, minimal contact between LXM and the UGA occured. The UGA preferred to conduct surprise raids, which they would routinely join, and leave within 15 minutes after they gained no ground. On April 23rd, LXM published a recruitment video featuring body actors in UGA uniform. This provoked initial outrage, but the UGA would not take any action until May 20th, 2017, when they surprised attacked LXM, but failed. Ever since then, no contact between LXM and the UGA has been made. However, recently, the UGA has declared war on the Lost Legions, a clan with which LXM has friendly relations. Following this, President Volo saw the opportunity to renew LXM's conflict with the UGA, backing up the Lost Legions. The war with Bellicose has been put on hold, following Vargr's resignation as its leader, and following a meeting with Bellicose personnel, no raids will occur for at least 3 weeks.

Published July 6th, 2017: 10:28 AM EST Time

• 6/23/17 - LXM declares war on Bellicose

On June 22nd, President Volo and MegaMonte, leader of Project Renegade, declared war on Bellicose in a joint declaration in LXM's most recent youtube video. The reasons for the declaration of war included the assassination of Project Renegade's representative during a peaceful community meeting, and their constant slander of LXM. Many clans followed suit. Previously, United Soul-less Nation (USN) had declared war, and following this, Death Watch (DW) declared war. Further sympathizers to LXM's cause include The Halo Lones (THL), United Golden Nation (UGN), and the Lost Legions. LXM is currently fighting the UGA as well, who have been in disarray since their embarrassing and failed surprise attack on LXM forces on May 20th, 2017. Bellicose, a part of Divine Angels, is at a weak point due to the questionable actions taken by their leader, Lycan Vargr. As was seen in LXM's joint declaration, Vargr assassinated PR's representative himself, with no provocation. Vargr is unable to control his emotions, and there have been rumors of a pending coup d'etat likely to take place. Meanwhile, their masters in Divine Angels have suffered setbacks following the loss of many officers within their hierarchy, and their high command discord chat was recently raided, with LXM personnel stealing all their intel on google docs. The war is expected to swing heavily in LXM's favor, with the 301st Battalion emerging as LXM's central military power.

Published June 23rd, 2017, 2:31 PM EST Time

• 6/22/17 - TmRealsy appointed Chancellor of LXM

Above: TmRealsy, June 21st, 2017

On June 19th, 2017, President Volo announced that he would restore a head of internal affairs rank, following the abolition of the rank of Premier on June 3rd, 2017. A vote was taken in the Council of Ministers, in which 60% of the council voted to form an entirely new rank. The following day, another poll was taken, in which the title 'Chancellor' was chosen for the rank's new name. The President cited that his decision to restore a second-in-command rank was due to his inability to handle in-game affairs as often as in previous years, citing that he needed a new chief aide to assist in those duties. On June 21st, 2017, following the rank's introduction, TmRealsy, soon to be known as LXM Reals, was appointed Chancellor of LXM, due in part to several of his connections to various military clans, and his dedication to his work as the 301st Battalion's Chief of Staff. He was appointed Marshal of the 301st Battalion on the same day, replacing the inactive LXM TaconBaco. The new rank of Chancellor holds wide ranging powers, including the ability to appoint and dismiss division and ministry leadership, the ability to promote and demote members any number of ranks, the ability to hold meetings with other clan leaders, the ability to declare war with presidential approval, and the ability to preside over LXM's council. The Chancellor also serves as the Deputy Commander-in-Chief, and is the second in the line of succession, after the Vice President. The Chancellor's powers are checked only by the President, who can dismiss the Chancellor at any given time, if a reason is provided. The President can also nullify any decisions made by the Chancellor he sees inappropriate or out of line. Following yet another poll, however, the 4th in command role, formerly Deputy Premier, will not be restored.


Published June 22nd, 2017, 12:49 PM EST Time

• 6/10/17 - Internal structure drastically reorganized

Although the onset of LXM's reorganization was prompted by Deputy Premier LXM Reaper's resingation, the changes themselves were recognized as inevitable by President Volo, who, in his most recent video, stated that as a result of LXM's centralized structure, "divisions lack a unique leadership, and in turn lack a unique structure". The changes were announced on June 3rd, 2017, following the 4th convention of the Council of Ministers. LXM has now adopted a decentralized structure, in which each division is commanded by a trio of officers: the Marshal, Vice Marshal, and Chief of Staff. Marshals include LXM Volo, of Alpha Division, Mr Beck X, of the Presidential Guard (formerly Beta Division), LXM TaconBaco of the 301st Battalion, and Kellen099 of the 4th Legion. Various central leadership ranks have also been dissolved, including Premier and Deputy Premier, as well as the Ministry of Intelligence, Ministry of Recruitment, and the Ministry of Defense. The top two central leadership ranks within LXM are now only President and Vice President, with the latter formerly the third highest rank, and has now become the second highest. These changes will stimulate activity, and specific armor and emblem colors are expected to be released soon for every division.

Above: President Volo exits the palace of the COM, following a lengthy speech.

Published June 10th, 2017: 2:20 PM EST Time

• 5/25/17 - Deputy Premier LXM Reaper resigns

On May 25th, 2017, LXM Reaper, 5th Deputy Premier of LXM, submitted an un-ceremonial resignation to President Volo, merely stating in a message via Xbox Live, "Sorry about this Volo, I'm stepping down and leaving the clan, I wish you good luck". LXM Reaper was the first Deputy Premier, in the history of the rank, to submit a resignation, and was also the first ever top-ranking official to leave LXM after resigning from a position. The reasons for his resignation were unclear, with the President citing he likely cracked under the pressure of his responsibilities, as LXM Reaper had served simultaneously as Minister of Recruitment since February. The President expressed concern over the fact that LXM Reaper later joined BrotherHood of God (BHOG), citing he could possibly leak information to the clan's leader, Father Prophet, which could be used for the purpose of blackmail. However, the President did not express any concern over the loss of leadership, citing that Reaper was "a terrible leader honestly, so I'm not saying we lost a valuable resource or anything. I'm concerned he could be a snitch and give secrets to BHOG". Following this, the President contacted BHOG's leader, who assured him that BHOG wouldn't use any classified information against LXM, unless provoked. Vice-Minister of Defense Kellen099 was appointed LXM's 6th Deputy Premier less than 20 minutes later. Kellen has been a member of LXM since October 1st, 2013, just 13 days after the clan itself was founded, and is considered to be fit for the role. Kellen's task will be to draft a new outline for a decentralized LXM, along with Premier TaconBaco. The President alluded to having to redraw LXM's internal structure to avoid a potentially disastrous intelligence leak. The LXM Council of Ministers will meet on June 3rd to discuss this matter.

Published May 25th, 2017: 8:03 PM EST Time

• 5/14/17 - LXM - UGA War endures month-long stalemate

On May 25th, 2017, the LXM - UGA War will reach its 3-month long stretch, with LXM holding the upper hand in every aspect since its commencement. However, following a final encounter on March 31st, 2017, the UGA henceforth hasn't made any aggressive plays. The UGA has remained silent, resulting in a stalemate during the month of April and most of May, with limited contact made between Scullcrusher93 and President Volo. Analysts believe that the UGA could possibly be waiting for LXM to move on and "forget" the war entirely, or are training forces en masse for future combat with LXM. Despite this stalemate, LXM's Media Committee will continue to produce anti-UGA media content, with President Volo vowing to drop "an atom bomb" on the UGA, and in particular, Scullcrusher, who he says will be exposed following a retrieval of screenshots from former UGA members, showing his slanderous ways.

Published May 14th, 2017: 1:16 PM EST Time

• 5/7/17 - Ministry of Foreign Affairs reshuffle

On May 6th, 2017, the Council of Ministers held its 3rd monthly convention, hosted by President Volo, with the last being on April 9th, 2017. During the meet, the Council of Ministers voted to implement decentralization policies in the future, form a military coalition with the Imperium of Mankind, WolfpackXtreme, Edge of Absolution, and Bellicose, and make the clan more military in general. Most notably, was a reshuffle of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following passage of a rule which restricted the Premier from assuming ministerial positions. In this reshuffle, LXM TaconBaco was replaced in the Minister of Foreign Affairs role, with RoryM30, under whom the rank was renamed Chief Foreign Affairs Officer. Hayden Haylor was also replaced as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs with recon spartan45, under whom the rank was renamed Deputy Foreign Affairs Officer. Both RoryM30 and recon spartan45 were confirmed in their posts by Premier TaconBaco just hours later, with RoryM30 attending a diplomatic meeting right away, representing LXM in President Volo's place.

Above: CFAO RoryM30

Published May 7th, 2017: 2:13 PM EST Time

• 4/29/17 - President Volo hosts coalition talks

Last week, President Volo hosted coalition talks with numerous clan representatives, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs complex, LXM's most secure building. Attendees included Father Prophet of BHOG, CF Pedro Kantor of Crimson Fists, Brother Kaiju, and Lockon Deadeye, of the former UGA Black Dragons. Lockon Deadeye, previously listed as an enemy of LXM, was removed from his post as a division leader, following a his temporary leave from the UGA. Now, Lockon Deadeye has turned against his old leader, Scullcrusher93.

Security in the facility was heavy, with the conference room sealed shut from the outside. The delegates discussed policy and rules pertaining to this new coalition, with the President expressing concern over various proposed rules, including: establishing military alliances, holding joint-training sessions, trading maps, and admitting new members. Despite initial successes, CF Pedro Kantor withdrew from the coalition on April 29th, 2017, with some questioning the future of this proposed coalition. LXM's Council of Ministers will meet on May 6th, 2017, in a vote whether or not to ascend to full membership.

Published April 29th, 2017: 2:11 PM EST Time

• 4/18/17 - UGA in turmoil, following costly defeats

On Sunday, April 16th, 2017, President Volo met with Lockon Deadeye, former division leader within the UGA, who met to disclose various details surrounding his removal from the UGA, as well as LXM's current conflict with them. Lockon Deadeye revealed Scullcrusher93, leader of the UGA, to be a fraudulent and corrupt leader, exposing the fact that he had been kicked from his own division, after taking temporary leave sometime after the start of the LXM - UGA War, in February 2017. Furthermore, many of the offensive and inappropriate remarks that were suspected to be the work of Lockon Deadeye, were in actuality messaged to the President on orders from Scullcrusher93 himself. The former division leader also confirmed the UGA's fragile and weakened state, following LXM's tactics of psychological warfare, as well as its military victories against the UGA. Deadeye revealed that LXM's videos regarding the UGA had split the clan in two, with some believing the videos to be a hoax, and the majority believing them as true, resulting in a mass exodus from the clan. The UGA has had to resort to recruit off of American-based servers (the UGA is based in the UK), just to keep their population afloat. Active rebellions and dissent against the UGA central leadership have become commonplace, with the clan's decentralized organizational structure adding onto the crisis. The President has remarked, "the United Gaming Association is in absolute crisis. Their members have turned against an established leadership they feel to be incompetent, following LXM's handiwork in exposing their corruption". The President further hinted at the development of another video, to act as a 'finishing blow' to the UGA, in the coming weeks.

Published April 18th, 2017: 3:35 PM EST Time

• 4/9/17 - Council convenes for 2nd meet

Above: Council of Ministers convenes, April 8, 2017

On Saturday April 8th, 2017, President Volo convened the Council of Ministers' second meeting, succeeding its last convention in February 2017. The meeting lasted 38 minutes, and was attended by Defense Minister Mr Beck X, Deputy Premier LXM Reaper, Defense Vice-Minister Kellen099, Titanfall 2 Premier Jeremytarm, First Lieutenant xBreathl3ssx, Second Deputy Premier LXM Halo Ma5ter, and Activity Minister F4113n D3m0n.

Above: LXM Capitol building

The Council of Ministers voted 'Yes' to the following issues: 1st: convening on a monthly basis 2nd: changing the Premiership to prevent the Premier from holding concurrent ministerial posts, allowing the 2nd place victor in any Presidential election to assume the Premiership, and allocating to the President the power to call a vote of no confidence against a Premier once a month. 3rd: The hosting of a August 2017 Presidential election from August 1st - August 3rd, 2017, with a turnout of at least 50% for it to be considered legitimate. 4th: The permanent expulsion of SoupyBoss747360 from LXM, as well as opposition ring leaders. 5th: The establishment of a Ministry of Communications to handle announcements. 6th: The dissolution of the Ministry of Activity, due to the fact all ministries combined serve for the purpose of activity. 7th: The holding of a referendum by 2018, to allow members the choice whether to become a military, casual, or mixed clan.

Above: President Volo holds court

Further issues that were addressed were the establishment of a 5th in command, the rank of Second Deputy Premier, to serve as a secretary to the Deputy Premier, as well President Volo's wish to recruit new members through media strength alone, rather than individually.

Published April 9th, 2017: 2:05 PM EST Time

• 4/2/17 - LXM Claims 2nd and 3rd Raid Wins

Above: UGA members attempt to escape defeat, but are cut down by President Volo (March 25th, 2017)

President Volo led LXM to two victories this week, directly overseeing command of LXM's united front during the LXM - UGA War. These two successive victories followed a three week hiatus during the war, which had lasted from the time of LXM's first raid victory, on February 28th, 2017. The first of the two raids, was fought on a UGA-hosted map, on March 25th, 2017, in which LXM was attacking. The UGA members broke ROE, using power weapons and glitched combo weapons, which will be shown in a video coming soon. However, this did not hold LXM back, who successful made use of the surroundings to suppress the UGA's spawn, while the main forces entered and occupied the base, forcing enemy commander, Lockon Deadeye, into defeat. Following his defeat, Lockon Deadeye issued a statement, addressing the UGA leader, Scullcrusher93, in which he temporarily resigned from the UGA. The second raid victory was fought on an LXM hosted map, on March 31st, 2017, in which LXM was defending. The UGA was driven back fully within 30 minutes, and withdrew at around the 40 minute mark, resulting in a raid victory. Notable members who attended include Vice President Nadekil, and First Lieutenant xBREATHL3SSx.

Published April 2nd, 2017, 1:51 PM EST Time

• 3/26/17 - CAC Dissolved

On March 24th, 2017, President Volo dissolved the Central Advisory Commission. The council, which formerly consisted of LXM's senior most officials, including LXM Kevin, Kellen099, and LXM TaconBaco was disbanded following its cited inefficiency and lack of purpose, following the introduction of the Council of Ministers in February 2017. The change has decentralized the leadership, giving rise to a potential new generation of leaders.

Published March 26th, 2017: 8:06 PM EST Time

• 3/26/17 - UGA assassination attempt

On Saturday, March 26th, 2017, during an LXM-hosted meeting with leader of the United Gaming Association, Scullcrusher93's guards attempted to assassinate President Volo after several minutes of failed negotiation. The President's own security detail responded instantly to the provocation, gunning down all 5 UGA representatives. The guards, consisting of former-Premier LXM HaloMa5ter and three other enlisted members, were pinned down by UGA's representatives, who used vehicles at the spawn to lay siege to the Capitol Building. LXM's defenses consisted of well-hidden glitched weapons, which were used against the belligerents, but ultimately advanced a merely defensive maneuver. After several minutes of continuous fire, the President ended the game and kicked the representatives. Following the assassination attempt, President Volo issued a brief statement saying that, "The UGA cannot be negotiated with. Any further negotiations are off the table. Any surrender from the UGA would be unconditional from this point".

Above: Tanks reinforce the President following the assassination attempt

Published March 26th, 2017: 10:54 AM EST Time

• 3/22/17 - Former Premier Kellen emerges from retirement

On December 12th, 2015, Kellen099, who had served as LXM's second Premier for over two years, since 2013, retired from LXM, a resignation that came eight days of LXM-backed factions won the Mandoa Clan Civil War. Kellen would spend over a year in retirement until his comeback on March 18th, 2017, when he was approved by Premier TaconBaco to assume the post of Vice-Minister of Defense, serving directly under Mr Beck X. Kellen's role in the rank is mainly limited to assisting with the hosting of basic training sessions, rather than dictating defense policy itself, a burden falling upon President Volo. Kellen later assumed the military rank of Senior Captain as well, in tradition with having government members serve concurrently in military posts, a coup proofing method undertaken following the events of the TROGC Coup Attempt of August 2016.  

Above: Kellen099 in March 2017, at the filming of LXM's recruitment video project

Published March 22nd, 2017: 7:20 PM EST Time

• 3/18/17 - LXM - UAE joint operation deters insurgency

On Sunday March 12th, 2017, President Volo coordinated with the United Abaddon Empire to plan a takedown of those plotting against GabeTheAbaddon, Führer of the UAE. Limited details were released in the President's most recent video, describing a planned insurgency against the UAE. The full story has been recently disclosed, with the details providing a full explanation. On Friday March 10th, 2017, LXM hosted its first community summit, with a sundry of clan leaders in attendance. One of the leaders, ZombieKicker727 of the Amber Peltast, had recently become an Imperial State, or subdivision, of the UAE. As such, the UAE began making maps for their new subdivision, based off the ideas ZombieKicker727 had in mind. However, ZombieKicker shortly withdrew from the UAE, leaving their efforts unrewarded. This was not the first time ZombieKicker had antagonized Gabe, as Zombie had previously ordered his men to infiltrate and assassinate Gabe during UAE training sessions, a form of humiliation for most clan leaders. Infuriated by this, as well as by his further disturbances, Gabe joined the LXM hosted meet with 4 other UAE members, and demanded President Volo allow them to take revenge against ZombieKicker, which the President granted, mainly to avoid complications over an issue so minor. The President ordered his guards to stand down, and the summit watched while ZombieKicker was publicly humiliated. Following the UAE members' departure, and when most of the convention had long left, Witful Templar, of Agents of the Sword, and ZombieKicker727 of Amber Peltast expressed their distaste for Gabe and the UAE, criticizing larger clans for their own faults, and their hopes of forming a coalition, spearheaded by LXM, to take them down. Initially reluctant, President Volo agreed to the terms, only to monitor the would-be insurgents. The plotters began talking of ways to destabilize the community so they could take advantage of the chaos, while the President notified Gabe immediately. Coordinating with Gabe, President Volo called for a meeting with these insurgents to discuss tactics, but in reality, fooled them into attending their own humiliation. UAE members soon joined, while the plotters fled to a remote part of the map. The UAE used an arsenal provided by LXM to attack and execute the plotters repeatedly, while informing them of their wrongdoing. The ordeal concluded when the plotters left, with Gabe and Arkavex, another member of the UAE, thanking President Volo, and alluding to future cooperation between the two clans.

Published March 18th, 2017: 8:39 PM EST Time

• 3/11/17 - LXM hosts an "eventful" community meeting

On March 10th, 2017, President Volo hosted a meeting at 6:30 PM, attended by the following clan leaders: TNL Anoc of the Ninth Legion, Witful Templar of Agents of the Sword, I Am Startling of the Federation of Independent States, BA Sanguinius of the Blood Angels, ZombieKicker727 of Amber Peltast, snEEko Double E of the Arcane Legion, Divine Axios of the Divine Angels, HalcyonVisari of the National Reikist Imperium, Rikki Lane of Clan Orta, TFED Dai Sojo of TFED Dai Sojo, and GabeTheAbaddon of the United Abaddon Empire. Premier TaconBaco was also in attendence.

Above: Map where the meet took place

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the conflict between "establishment" clans like NavCom and Exodus and "foundation" clans, and how more neutral clans viewed the conflict. The meeting was convened after a disagreement in the community Kik chat caused President Volo to form his own kik group, consisting of about 30 clans. Following the tradition of an introduction circle, the meeting began. Rikki Lane had previously condemned the President's labeling of certain clans as "foundation" clans, claiming the foundation is not an entity. With both the President and Rikki Lane agreeing to not label each other's clans, the latter soon left the meeting.

Above: Delegates of the meet convene

Following several smaller discussions, including of wars and conflicts, GabeTheAbaddon joined, accompanied by five other members of the UAE, demanding to take ZombieKicker727 into "custody", claiming he had disrespected the UAE name. The President, agreed to this, not wanting to start a conflict with the UAE over such a minor dispute, ordering his guards to stand down and allow the UAE to carry out their objective.

Above: UAE Members execute ZombieKicker727

GabeTheAbaddon and his entourage subsequently took ZombieKicker727 out of the room for execution, on a nearby bridge. The delegates looked-on as ZombieKicker727 was thoroughly pummeled by a gravity hammer, with the UAE taking the satisfaction of slaying him several more times before leaving. Following his exit, the meeting continued for about 20 more minutes, until 4 assassins joined the game, attempting to attack snEEko Double E of the Arcane Legion. The President ordered his guards to hold off against the assailants, and subsequently ended the game. Truly, an eventful meeting.

Published March 11th, 2017: 10:37 AM EST Time

• 3/8/17 - Major administrative changes occur

On March 6th, 2017, President Volo confirmed former Deputy Premier, TaconBaco, as LXM's 10th Premier. Following LXM Vesuvius' resignation from the Premiership on February 10th, 2017, TaconBaco subsequently acted in his place, becoming the second Deputy Premier to ascend to the Premiership, the other being LXM HaloMa5ter in August 2016. A new Deputy Premier was appointed as well, with LXM Reaper, Minister of Recruitment, having been appointed as LXM's 5th Deputy Premier. Both appointments came 9 days after LXM's Council of Ministers declared war on the United Gaming Association, beginning the LXM - UGA War. The President also hinted at reforming the role of the Premiership, to fully assume its position as head of the Council of Ministers, allowing for greater efficiency. 

Published March 8th, 2017: 7:28 PM EST Time

• 3/6/17 - President Volo declares State of Emergency

In his most recent youtube video, President Volo declared a 30-day state of emergency, effective immediately. The executive order, effective until April 3rd, 2017, will prevent the recruitment of new members into the clan by unauthorized sources, and will place all members who joined LXM before February 14th, 2017, under light watch, to avoid possible espionage. The order was issued by the President in response to 17 flash raid attempts by the UGA against members not on raid maps. Many of these members were hosting games on the clan's behalf, of simply forging as a collective, as was the case in 3 instances. A total of 67 members, from Alpha Division and the 301st Battalion, were affected, or about 20% of the population. The President told the populace to remain united, and to keep suspicions about other members private, only disclosing them to the proper authorities.

Published March 6th, 2017, 7:50 PM EST Time

• 3/3/17 - LXM Claims 1st raid win in LXM - UGA War

The LXM - UGA war began on February 26th, 2017, with the Council of Ministers ruling in favor of open hostilities. Just 5 days in, LXM has, under the direct command of President Volo and Vice President Nadekil, defeated the UGA in the first raid of the war, winning the first of the agreed three battles. The raid lasted 11 minutes and 49 seconds, and was posted on YouTube with a 2x speed ratio. LockonDeadeye, leader of the UGA Black Dragons, was cited to have severely underestimated LXM's armed and united front, appointing an inexperienced Lieutenant, 'Ecto Zero', to field the raid's offensive operations. LXM successfully defended the base, with the agreed ROE set to 40 kills with a timer of 15 minutes. The attackers were unsuccessful in their attempts to occupy the base, with just one member setting foot inside. The raid was a decisive victory for LXM, easily reaching the 40 kill mark, while the attackers claimed just 8 kills. The President thereafter announced his successful campaign against the UGA to over 50 other clan leaders, with the leader of FOTUS, Ezra, and the leader of the Divine Angels, Divine Axios, among the first clans to congratulate LXM. Numerous screenshots of LockonDeadeye's incorrigible behavior were also included in the video, causing many clans to condemn the UGA's actions. 

Published March 3rd, 2017: 10:20 PM EST Time

• 2/28/17 - 2 MOTCOMs dismissed, called 'broken cogs'

On February 27th, 2017, President Volo dismissed Evilgummibear39 and TmRealsy, both MOTCOMs (Members of the Council of Ministers), due to their inefficiency and negligence of the duties incumbent upon them. Evilgummibear39 was dismissed from the Premiership of the Overwatch Division, a position he had served in since January 29th, 2017. The President cited his inefficiency, explaining, "The reason for his removal is due to his inefficiency and lack of competence, as well as outright irresponsible behavior". The President's actions were statistically justified, as the Overwatch Division had just four members, all of which were friends of Evilgummibear39 who joined his division out of pity. The President found this, when compared to Jeremytarm's Titanfall 2 Division and LXM Vesuvius' Battlefield 1 Division, to be unsatisfactory. TmRealsy, who had served as Minister of Activity since February 17th, 2017, was also removed due to poor performance in the role. The President said that "Neither of these Ministers are serious enough to stay on this council. Both are simply broken cogs in the Elitist machine, and as President, it is my duty to rip out these broken cogs, and replace them with finer ones". The President appointed F4113n D3m0n, Vice-Minister of Activity, to act as Minister of Activity, until a suitable replacement could be found. The President expressed his hope that their dismissals would serve as a warning for further MOTCOMs who may stray from their duties.

Published February 28th, 2017: 6:32 PM EST Time

• 2/26/17 - LXM Council declares war on the UGA

In the clan's most recent Youtube video, the Council of Ministers has decreed the mobilization of all relevant forces to prepare for eminent combat with the United Gaming Association (UGA). The joint session, attended by President VoloVice President Nadekil, Minister of Recruitment LXM Reaper, Titanfall 2 Premier Jeremytarm, and General Mr Beck X, was in favor of the declaration, later issued solely by the President, due to the UGA's inexcusable behavior towards LXM members, and their attempts at "flash raiding" Hayden Haylor, the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs. As justification for the war, screenshots were included, in which Lockon Deadeye, leader of the UGA Black Dragons, insults and slanders the President after the latter's refusal to merge with the UGA. The war was agreed to be decided by the best of three raids, in which LXM would defend twice. ROE (rules of engagement) was established between the two groups, with the UGA's belief in their own superiority giving LXM the upper hand. The move was received with skepticism from "foundation" clans, who believed that the UGA had more "establishment" values, aligning themselves with clans like Exodus and NavCom. Community leaders criticized the move due to it bringing perceived activity to the UGA, contrary to the "foundation's" policy of imposing activity sanctions on these such clans. Other clans praised the move as a wise decision on the President's part, demonstrating his zero tolerance for injustice. UGA leaders have yet to respond to the declaration. In an effort to mobilize LXM, President Volo issued a decree this morning, establishing the Ministry of Defense, whose sole goal would be to train members for practicable and perceived future wars, through coordination with the Ministry of Activity to host practice raids and basic training sessions. The President announced that General Mr Beck X, would serve as its Minister. This is the first time in over 500 days that LXM has declared war on another clan, the last war, being with Mandoa Remnant, occurred between October 26th, 2015 and December 4th, 2015, with General Kevin as its lead commander. The President remarked that the UGA has already lost, "they will be confronted with LXM's armed and united front, where you will find the best of friends, and the worst of enemies". The war is expected to last no longer than 2 months.

Published February 26th, 2017: 11:49 AM EST Time

Above: LXM's Council declares war on the UGA. (Back mid: LXM Volo, front left: LXM Nadekil, front right: Mr Beck X, guards: LXM Reaper & Jeremytarm.

• 2/25/17 - President Volo attends leadership summit

On February 24th, 2017, President Volo attended a summit with over 10 other community leaders. The meeting, which took place from 8:30 - 10:30 PM EST Time, was hosted by TNL Anoc, leader of The Ninth Legion, with notable figures such as GabeTheAbaddon of the United Abaddon Empire, and Divine Axios of the Divine Angels attending.

President Volo (left) & Divine Axios (right), during the summit.

The meeting started with the usually introductory session, with President Volo a key figure of interest, as his rare appearance marks the first representation of LXM in the Halo 5 community, since the end of isolationism earlier this month. The President gave his input on various topics, including the relationship between "establishment" clans such as Exodus and NavCom, and "foundation" clans such as the DA, NRI, and UAE. The President agreed that the two sides were not formal organizations, merely ideas, as stated by GabeTheAbaddon. The President said, "People would rather group communities and clans into distinct categories, as it's simpler for the human mind to comprehend." 

Full view of the summit (back left; President Volo, farthest back; TNL Anoc, closest front, GabeTheAbaddon)

The meeting proceeded with mostly philosophical talk, including how some clans, like LXM, thrive off self-sufficiency, while others depend on support from the community. Actual diplomatic talk was limited, save for Zombiekicker727 formally apologizing to GabeTheAbaddon for having his lackeys assassinate him during a UAE training session, saying they acted independently. To this, GabeTheAbaddon discussed talking with him about the matter later. The President, viewing this meeting mainly as an introductory to the Halo community, left around the 2 hour mark, citing the lack of further relevant discussion. 

Published February 25th, 2017: 12:42 PM EST Time

• 2/20/17 - Relations with the DA established

On February 20th, 2017, at around 5:30 PM, President Volo hosted a conference with Divine Axios, leader of the Divine Angels, a formidable military clan on Halo 5. The two leaders discussed policy, structure, militarization, and further involvement of LXM in the Halo community.

Above: LXM - DA meeting. Far left: President Volo, far right: Divine Axios

Others present at the conference included Mr Beck X, StefanNoble420, Hayden Haylor, and F4113n D3m0n from LXM. Representatives from the DA included Divine Adriel, Divine Helios, Divine Straxos, and Nytelatch. The President expressed his will to end LXM's isolationism and further the advancement of the Halo community, through the gradual militarization of LXM's divisions, in particular, the development of the 212th Division, led by General Mr Beck X. The President also mentioned briefly, his dispute with the UGA, as well as its attempt to establish formal relations with NRI. Divine Axios agreed to introduce the President to the community leadership, opening up the path for future and expanded ties. The meeting lasted about 40 minutes, with the two sides leaving on a positive note. 

• 2/19/17 - TROGC no longer deemed 'hostile'

On February 18th, 2017, President Volo issued a decree to the Council of Ministers, one which re-evaluated TROGC's status as an "enemy of LXM members and Halo populace alike". The clan, formed by former Vice President of LXM, Dizzy Rite, lost its leader following the latter's disappearance in January 2017, leading to a renewed dialogue between LXM and TROGC's leadership. TROGC was formed on August 21st, 2016, following their attempt to force President Volo's ouster in a military coup d'etat, resulting in strained relations with LXM ever since. However, following an initial meeting with TROGC members, Mr Beck X and Shaw XiiX, on February 10th, 2017, diplomacy between the two groups has finally been restored, although full-fledged relations are currently not ongoing. The President's decree, which was unopposed, reads as following: "By Presidential decree, TROGC's status as a 'rogue and hostile belligerent', has been revoked, following successful negotiations with Mr Beck X last week, one of the participants of the military coup attempt of August 21st, 2016. Mr Beck X is no longer recognized as a whitelisted member, and has his status as an 'enemy of the populace' revoked, by order of the office of the President, with all charges, including that of  high treason, dropped. Shaw XiiX's charge has also been lessened, commuted to a one year ban, allowing him to participate in LXM activities starting on August 21st, 2017. As for TROGC's status, LXM now regards it as a partially recognized de-facto sovereign community, under military leadership. Following no hostile provocations for almost 6 months, TROGC is not recognized as a threat, and is considered a neutral force. Although LXM does not recognize TROGC as a clan, we also do not view it with hostility".

Published February 19th, 2017: 7:11 PM EST Time

• 2/17/17 - President Volo appoints 3 MOTCOMs

On February 17th, 2017, President Volo appointed new MOTCOMs (Members of the Council of Ministers), TmRealsy and F4113n D3m0n, Minister and Vice-Minister of Activity, respectively. These appointments follow LXM Reaper's appointment as Minister of Recruitment on February 15th, 2017, Hayden Haylor's appointment as Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs on February 10th, as well as TaconBaco's appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs, on February 8th. President Volo expressed the need in mobilizing the Council of Ministers as quickly as possible, to avoid further delay in the development of LXM. The President cited that much thought had gone into these appointments, resulting mostly from merit-based recognition. The President remarked, "under this clan's Elitist system, the hardest workers deserve to reap the greatest rewards. Therefore, if these new ministers abuse or leave idle the duties of their posts, they will be, without a reasonable doubt or appeal, dismissed from their respective offices". This was mainly deemed as a warning to the new ministers, a direct result of their highly esteemed 1st-tier appointments. The President thoroughly expressed the need to provide the "accurate conditions of development"  to support future growth, alluding to the upcoming summer, always the busiest and most active time of the year. 

Published February 17th, 2017: 4:47 PM EST Time

• 2/14/17 - Election month moved to August

On February 13th, 2017, President Volo consulted the Council of Ministers to propose moving the Presidential election month from February to August. Following the first ever Presidential election in February 2016, President Volo won a third term with 63% of the vote, and with the subsequent 2017 Presidential election, won a fourth term with 99.1% of the vote. However, it is a little known fact that elections were originally scheduled for the month of September, with the first proposed date being September 19th, 2015. Now, the Council of Ministers has scheduled the next Presidential election for August 2017, citing that the clan is most active in the summer, which would subsequently result in a much higher turnout rate. The President said, " This year's turnout rate was barely 20%, at 110 votes cast, due to lack of interest in the clan at this time of year. Most clans experience the highest interest rates in the summer, although its likely if the election had been held during February break, the turnout would've been much higher." The Council of Ministers approved this proposal unanimously, expressing concern over how the opposition lacked a real chance in the February 2017 election. The President also expressed interest in having multiple candidates run against him, instead of just one. 

Published February 14th, 2017: 7:28 PM EST Time

• 2/12/17 - Premiership designation inconclusive

On February 12th, the Council of Ministers convened to select a suitable Premier, following the resignation of LXM Vesuvius. The Council heard testimonies from candidates TaconBaco, RIFLE X Ownage, and F4113n D34m0n for the Premiership, asking a series of questions to each candidate. Following the session, each Council Member cast their votes anonymously for their candidate of choice, resulting in a tie between TaconBaco and RIFLE X Ownage. F4113n D34m0n received no votes. Following the inconclusive vote, members proposed asking the candidates a question, to break the tie, rather than to allow the designation to drag on. President Volo later refused, citing it wouldn't accurately determine the next Premier. Instead, the President proposed a competition, in which each candidate would establish and recruit for their own divisions. In one months time, the Council of Ministers will re-convene, to decide which candidate has achieved the most progress, membership and activity wise. President Volo cited, "theoretically, the candidate with the best results would be able to apply their success on a larger scale, to the whole of LXM". Each candidate has subsequently formed their own division, with the Council agreeing to convene sometime in March 2017. Until then, TaconBaco will serve as acting Premier. 

Published February 12th, 2017: 7:47 PM EST Time 

• 2/11/17 - LXM Vesuvius resigns from the Premiership

After 40 days as Premier of LXM, LXM Vesuvius resigned from the post, resulting in TaconBaco taking over as acting Premier of LXM. Vesuvius stated his reasons were "needing to strengthen his focus on LXM's expansion to other games" and "paving a way for a new generation of leadership". LXM Vesuvius was subsequently appointed Chairman of the Council of Premiers, taking charge of LXM's external divisions. TaconBaco, as Deputy Premier, took up the role and will serve as Premier until a new 2nd-in-command can be chosen. President Volo accepted his resignation, and stated that the next Premier would be chosen via an application process, rather than being directly appointed. The President cited, "the next Premier will be chosen by an application process, and designated by the Council of Ministers. Those rejected from the Premiership, will be given posts in the Council of Ministers".

Emblem of the office of the Premier

• Published February 11th, 2017: 1:01 PM EST Time

• 2/10/17 - President Volo advises Mandoa leader to "step down"

Dissent erupted in Mandoa clan, after its leader, Mandoa Trando, refused to step down on February 2nd, 2017. Trando had lost a 1v1 to Mandoa Phipus on January 27th, 2017, and according to Mandoa tradition, the leadership should've been passed to him. Trando refused to step down following his defeat, resulting in mass protest. 20 out of Mandoa's 50 members refused to take part in any clan activities on January 31st, with this number expanding to 33 by February. Mandoa clan, a highly despotic clan on Star Wars Battlefront II is effectively a client-clan of LXM, following the end of the Mandoa Clan Civil War on December 4th, 2015. Trando, who had joined Mandoa in 2012, overthrew its inactive leader, Mandoa ViPr, on July 23rd, 2016, assuming its leadership. Shortly after, Trando declared Mandoa's reorganization, as the "Empire of Mandoa", seen as a move to sway LXM's dominance over the clan, calling LXM's presence an "occupation". Trando has since been characterized as "unpredictable, rash, and a threat" by LXM Kevin, recently appointed Ambassador to Mandoa. Trando requested support from LXM on February 5th, 2017, after Mandoa Phipus and his supporters organized their own faction, known as the "Preservers of Mandalore", but President Volo ignored the plea. On February 9th, 2017, when Trando once again requested aid, President Volo urged him to "step down immediately, from the Mandoa leadership". President Volo also stated, that LXM would "authorize abrupt force" if all of Mandoa Phipus' demands were not met, stating that the time to leave was now. By 12:00 PM EST Time, February 10th, Trando still refused to resign, and instead summoned the Mandoa Imperial Court, which "ruled" that LXM's leases of Mandoa's servers were "illegal", despite initially agreeing to extend the rent by 6 months. Ambassador Kevin later issued an ultimatum to Trando, "If, by five days time, Mandoa Trando refuses to step down, reverse his court's 'decision', and concede to all of Phipus' demands, LXM will subsequently take action".

• Published February 10th, 2017: 12:22 PM EST Time

• 2/8/17 - Deputy Premier TaconBaco, appointed MOFA

By decree, President Volo has appointed Deputy Premier TaconBaco, Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). This appointment is the first since the informal establishment of the Council of Ministers on January 15th, 2017, as well as the first Presidential decree issued by President Volo since the start of his fourth term, two days ago. TaconBaco joined LXM on June 11th, 2016, rising through the enlisted ranks, achieving officer status by December 2016. He was subsequently appointed Deputy Premier by Premier Vesuvius, and is considered to be the fifth most prominent figure in LXM, after President Volo, Premier Vesuvius, Vice President Nadekil, and former-General Kevin. This appointment was seen as litmus test (an appointment or assignment designated for a potential candidate of high office) for succession to the Premiership, after Premier Vesuvius' tenure. TaconBaco was designated with the task of, as described by the President, "Formulating alliances and setting up talks between LXM and potential allies", with this task having special emphasis following President Volo's decree ending isolationism. TaconBaco has little experience in external affairs, leading most to speculate he was appointed to the post as a test of his ability, as well as to grant him necessary experience. 

Published February 8th, 2017: 7:47 PM EST Time

• 2/6/17 - President Volo re-elected for a 4th term

The 2017 Presidential Election concluded, yielding much expected results. LXM Volo, incumbent President of LXM since 2013, has been re-elected for a fourth term in office, winning 99.1% of the vote. Opposition candidate, SoupyBoss747360, former acting Premier of LXM, conceded his defeat, winning just above 0.9% of the vote. The results were much expected, due to SoupyBoss's infamous feats of extreme racism, citing his wish to establish LXM as a "KKK-based clan", if elected. President Volo, on the other hand, appealed in the sense that he had almost a decade of experience in clans, including nearly half a decade in LXM alone. President Volo's running mate, LXM Nadekil, will also subsequently remain in office as Vice President for another year. SoupyBoss's running mate, Hotdog12, quit SoupyBoss's campaign on February 3rd, 2017, one day before the election, due to unknown reasons. Following the election, President Volo stated in the Central Advisory Commission, "This clan has forgotten the core Elitist values introduced in 2015, and has moved to counter-revolutionary means of running the clan. In leadership positions, those who 'slack off' or defy basic instructional orders, will be removed without appeal. Core Elitist values will be implemented on a larger scale than ever before". Although alluding to stricter rules for the top leadership, President Volo said his "first order of business" would be the removal of 25 enlisted members of LXM Alpha Division, who have been deemed inactive. During his fourth term, the President has also expressed the dire need to develop long lasting alliances, stating "The time for isolation has come and gone. Elitism is a dynamic ideology, adapting to the clan's situation over time." Mandoa Kenzo, Foreign Affairs Commissioner of Mandoa Clan congratulated President Volo on his victory, stating "The truly unique process of elections in LXM never fails to impress. We here at Mandoa salute another year for LXM under capable leadership". [ROTM]Monghis, leader of Reign of the Mongols, also expressed his support in a short statement "ROTM congratulates President Volo, for his election victory". Both ROTM and Mandoa are considered client clans of LXM on Star Wars Battlefront II, serving as a buffer between LXM and the hostile SWGO Clan. Although tensions with Mandoa have recently flared, due to President Volo extending a server lease for another 6 months, they, as well as ROTM and the majority of LXM, accept the results of the 2017 Presidential Election.

Published February 6th, 2017: 8:01 PM EST Time

• 2/5/17 - President Volo ends isolationism, after 3 years

Above: President Volo publically addressing the community

Ever since its founding on September 19th, 2013, President Volo has maintained a strictly isolationist policy, avoiding confrontations for both alliances and possible hostilities. This policy was taken to the extreme, in January 2015, when the "Great Purge" began, with no formal relations being established with any clans ever since. But now, President Volo, in an address titled "A message to the Halo military community", stated his ambitions to form new alliances, and increase LXM's involvement in the community. This likely comes as a result of the President's goal of establishing an autonomous military branch, the 212th Division, which subsequently would require external influence in order to be successful. President Volo made this decision without consultation first, stating "For such a decision, the choice was clear to me: change has to be implemented." President Volo likely saw the need to build up alliances for another reason as well, due to hostilities with Hydra Nations and TROGC. This executive decision goes against the ethics of Elitism, leading many to believe that the President no longer follows a specific ideology. Other top officials, including members of the Central Advisory Commission, have yet to comment on the matter.

Published February 5th, 2017: 12:38 PM EST Time

• 1/29/17 - TROGC Paramount leader "Disappears"

On January 12th, 2017, President Volo, while negotiating with PinkRav3n, a leader of TROGC, discovered that Dizzy Rite, TROGC Paramount leader and August 2016 coup plotter, had "went off the grid". The Reclaimers Online Gaming Community, commonly known as TROGC (also referred to as 'Trogic') was formed on August 21st, 2016, after Dizzy Rite, LXM Vice President at the time, and generals Shaw XiiX, BreakingBennet, PinkRav3n, and Mr Beck X attempted to force President Volo's ouster in a malicious coup d'etat. The military coup aimed at reinforcing LXM as a solely military clan, and to distance itself from the secular and commercial policies pursued by President Volo. The coup was thoroughly planned out, with one of LXM's new websites falling under their control. The coup plotters, commonly known as the "gang of five", confronted President Volo, saying he was relieved of duty under the charges of "pursuing insecurity in the military, and jeopardizing its affairs". President Volo outsmarted the coup plotters, due to his control over the military and immense experience, having transferred members back to the clan's old website. In fact, due to his suspicions, the President had only transferred 20% of LXM's members over to the new site. President Volo survived the coup attempt, denounced the Gang of Five, and purged all military officers. The coup plotters fled in shame, attempting to form their own clan, called TROGC.

News article, August 22nd, 2016 - one day after the attempted coup d'etat

As of the time of the time this article is published, LXM does not recognize TROGC as a sovereign organization, and considers its entire establishment an illegal entity, basing itself on LXM's property. The news of Dizzy Rite's disappearance is not shocking, as TROGC has been dead since October 2016, with little more than a few active members. Former-Premier, LXM Kevin, believes that Dizzy Rite disappeared long before the news was brought to LXM's attention, and that a possible civil war is being fought over his succession, resulting in inactivity. Reasons for his disappearance have not been cited, although it is likely that he and Shaw XiiX were hacked unknowingly by LXM's viral defense force, the Gyeijimo (GYJ). This explanation would make the most sense, as LXM's website has several firewalls, that prevent the disruption of internal propagation. It is possible that Dizzy Rite attempted to hack LXM's site, and his own disrupter was "bounced" back at him, although this scenario is less likely.

Published January 29th, 2017: 3:16 PM EST Time

• 1/25/17 - CC peace talks begin

After accepting the invitation to attend peace talks in December, President Volo attended the talks today in an attempt to end the 2nd Creeper Clan Civil war, which has been raging since February 8th, 2014. The two main factions, the Creeper Clan Revolutionary Army (CCRA) and the Creeper Clan United Front (CCUF), as well as 3 smaller factions, including the pan-Unionist Front of Creeper Clan (PUFCC), the Member's Restoration Army of Creeper Clan (MRACC), and the Creeper Clan Revolutionary Army Federation Division (CCRA-FD), all attended the peace talks today at 3:50 PM EST Time. The meeting took place over skype, with President Volo speaking to Matiburo, leader of the CCUF, for the first time in three years. The peace talks are scheduled to last until May 2017, and if no settlement is reached by then, the war will continue. The talks proved to be fruitless today, with Matiburo refusing any sort of resignation completely, while Kevin, leader of the CCRA (and LXM member), being more optimistic. President Volo commented, "CC was once a clan of 900 members, making the most of its popularity at the time. Now, that number has dropped to just above 400, with 3 of the clan's last 4 years filled with turmoil. The talks have to end the conflict." During the meeting, it was reported that Matiburo and several smaller faction leaders had close ties, with some speculating that the other factions are merely "shell" combatants, meant to throw off the CCRA's analysis of the current situation. Matiburo denied this, saying "Don't equate mefor such actions. Look at Volo. He's obviously going to favor Kevin, and try to make a profit from this struggle." The 2nd CC Civil War (successor to the first CC Civil War in 2013) began in 2014, after Volo resigned from his leadership position in CC to divert his attention to LXM, resulting in fighting over his succession. Both Kevin and Matiburo claim the leadership of the clan, and no joint agreement has been reached. The CCRA boasts 160 members, while the CCUF has 250, although this number is likely higher. The CCRA has recently faced a number of defeats, winning only 20 out of the current 50 battles of the war. To make matters worse, in December 2015, the CCRA-FD split from the CCRA, searching for more autonomy, diminishing the member count by 30. However, the CCUF has faced a decline as well, after the MRACC and PUFCC split from the group in October 2014, composing a force of around 100 when combined.

Published January 25th, 2017: 6:47 PM EST Time

• 1/18/17 - President Volo designates ministry heads

With the Central Advisory Commission's most recent ruling, the Central Committee is set to be replaced by the Council of Ministers on February 1st, 2017. With this ruling came the introduction of 7 new ministries: the ministries of recruitment, activity, inspection, intelligence, foreign affairs, justice, and forge. President Volo, with approval from the Central Advisory Commission, has designated several ministers to assume their offices as the heads of 4 ministries. Vice President Nadekil has been designated as LXM's Minister of Forge, a role also known as Chief Forger. Although having technically already assumed this role, the designation will be made official with the establishment of the Council of Ministers. LXM Nadekil is also expected to designate a Deputy Chief Forger within the coming weeks. Former Premier Kevin has been designated as LXM's Minister of Justice, or Chief Justice, who will serve in the decision making process in rulings applicable only to special cases. Deputy Premier TaconBaco has been designated as the Minister of Foreign Affairs, although the President said that the role would be mainly ceremonial, due to having ambassadors specific to other clans. The Victorem XI has been designated as Minister of Intelligence, and will be tasked with operations against enemy clans. President Volo announced these designations as highly rational, seeing each has experience in their respective ministries. Designations for the remaining ministries will occur in February. 

Published January 18th, 2017: 8:18 PM EST Time

• 1/12/17 - New Council of Ministers set to take charge

The Central Committee of LXM, originally called the Gamer's Committee, was founded on July 4th, 2016, by President Volo, who decreed it to be LXM's regulatory council. Although LXM had many different councils formed before this period, they were never referred to by one name, often acting as consultive boards that lasted only a few days. However, the Central Committee will come to an end on January 15th, 2017, by order of the Central Advisory Commission, current acting legislature of LXM. President Volo cited that the Central Committee was extremely inefficient and incapable of handling day-to-day affairs, "The Central Committee, especially in its third rotation, can easily be listed as one of the most inefficient councils I've ever formed. Just eight members, half of which were barely active, made 100% of the decisions. That's merely 1.6% of the clan, attempting to manage one of the largest groups on Halo. While our recruitment rates have increased sharply since the Central Committee was formed, this can be mainly attributed to my individual success alone. The Central Committee has barely been able to mobilize to make a single decision". The President, who dissolved the 3rd rotation of the Central Committee on December 1st, 2016, reportedly decided to abolish the Central Committee entirely after he learned NightWolfe was plotting against him. Instead, the President stated that the Central Committee would be replaced by a new leadership, known as the Council of Ministers, which would include those directly responsible for all types of affairs in LXM.

Above: Proposed emblem of the Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers would provide for specific jobs for all leaders within the clan, ending the vagueness that has allowed officials to maintain their posts with minimal effort. The Council of Ministers would include: the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Forge, Minister of Inspection, Minister of Justice, Minister of Intelligence, Minister of Activity, and Minister of Recruitment. Each Minister would have multiple Assistant Ministers operating under him, expanding the leadership up to a potential 60-70 members. The Council of Ministers will increase participation in the leadership, and provide simple and clear objectives to its councilors. The Council of Ministers would still follow the power sharing agreement of the Central Committee, with the President appointing the ministers of Recruitment, Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Forge, while the Premier would appoint the ministers of Activity, Justice, and Inspection. Although the Council of Ministers will be formed on January 15th, the Central Committee won't be fully disbanded until February 1st, 2017. All members will be allowed to apply for positions, regardless of rank, and details for each ministry will also be provided.

Published January 12th, 2017: 8:55 PM EST Time 

• 1/7/17 - Coup attempt narrowly thwarted

At around 10 AM Eastern time, LXM NightWolfe, Lieutenant General of Beta Division was caught attempting to plot a coup d'etaagainst President Volo. NightWolfe had messaged 15 high ranking officers, in the hopes of them joining him in his plan to depose President Volo, and proclaim himself as the 2nd President of LXM. The foolish would-be coup plotter had accidentally sent the message to one of President Volo's alternate accounts, who luckily for him, was actually browsing Halo Waypoint around the time the message was sent, noticing it 1 minute later. In the message, NightWolfe cited his reasons for the coup d'etat were that the President had kept clan funds for himself, and that he would "save" the clan from internal corruption. NightWolfe had been planning the coup since December, with the goal of making a video to "expose" President Volo. President Volo cited that he only kept the funds for himself because ad revenue, donations, and microsoft funds went directly to his commercial paypal account, thus making it illegal to transfer the money to others. The President admitted to making at least $1,000/month due to a deal with microsoft that clan leaders made in 2013, upon the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. President Volo explained that Xbox realized that clans made up a large percentage of the total population, so they came up with an idea to prevent players from switching to PlayStation: Pay clan leaders to promote exclusively Xbox games (like Halo 5, or Halo 4 at the time), and to maintain their population's activity. The deal was offered only to clans with 400 members or over, which President Volo qualified for in July of 2016. The President admitted to puling in a revenue of at least $1,000/month, citing a few dollars were given per member. However, the President also stated that, "This clan is Elitist. The hardest workers get the best results. As the hardest worker in this clan by far, I deserve these results." The President also said that he would be willing to pay clan officers by 2020, since the transfer of cash from commercial accounts would be legal after 4 years since the account was created. However, President Volo said that it was by far impossible for NightWolfe to know of this deal in great detail, and rather provided another, more credible explanation: "General NightWolfe in reality, had many regrets in this clan. I'm sure he realized that if he played his cards right he could've been much more. He was a General of his own division early on, but he lost his rank due to his failures in recruitment. He was then made Lieutenant General of Beta Division, the least active section of LXM, but saw some hope as he was designated as the next Premier on the same day. However, he later lost that designation to Premier Vesuvius. It doesn't take a genius to figure out his reasoning."  To make matters even worse, following a investigation that lasted several hours, former-Premier LXM Kevin discovered NightWolfe had been in contact with several other dissidents, including many Opposition members such as SoupyBoss747360, as well as exiled members such as former-Premier Spartacus, former-General Scorpius, and former-Deputy Premier Semper Fi. LXM NightWolfe was stripped of all his commands and branded a traitor. He has yet to comment on this matter in his defense, and will likely go into exile. 

Published January 7th, 2017: 10:16 AM EST Time

• 1/2/17 - Premier Vesuvius dictates internal policy

Nearly 2 months after they last talked, Premier Vesuvius and President Volo have met once again to discuss Premier Vesuvius' internal policy management. Ever since September 2016, a power sharing deal led to the President being placed in charge of external affairs and recruitment, while the Premier  was left in charge of internal affairs and activity. After filming the New Year's address, the President and Premier conversed with each other while inspecting a government-based map, which had seen some recent renovations. 

Top: The President (right) and Premier (left) inspect the Presidential palace

The President emphasized the importance of making pro-Elitist decisions, while at the same time keeping the community pleased with the clan's condition. President Volo assured the Premier that although LXM faces many external threats, maintaining internal stability was even more important, highlighting the fact that a clan was nothing without its members. 

Top: President Volo and Premier Vesuvius at the 2017 addressing.

The Premier in turn noted the importance of maintaining strict regulation over LXM's military, citing that government officers needed to remain integrated with the military's officers. The Premier also expressed his wish to have stricter activity regulations, since due to LXM's rapid growth, the population has been harder to retain. Although it isn't likely that activity quotas will ever be introduced again, the Premier still wishes to encourage it thoroughly. 

Top: The President and Premier inspect a newly built Central Committee building.

Premier Vesuvius also expressed his satisfaction with LXM's current recruiting rates, citing the 301st Battalion's increase from 30 to 70 members in the past week alone. However, he expressed dissatisfaction with the Central Committee, stating that more people needed to host games to accommodate LXM's massive population boom. To this, the President firmly agreed. 

Published January 2nd, 2017: 7:44 PM EST Time 

• 1/1/17 - LXM Vesuvius assumes the Premiership

After over a month since he was designated to succeed Acting Premier Kevin, LXM Vesuvius has finally become the 12th Prime Minister, or Premier, of LXM. Ever since his designation on November 16th, Premier Vesuvius has been preparing for the assumption of his duties, which include the management of internal affairs, and the preservation of activity, once again placing him second in the Central Committee hierarchy. President Volo confirmed his appointment on January 1st, 2017, at 12:00 AM Eastern time. Now holding the rank of Premier, and the powers of Secretary of the Central Committee, Premier Vesuvius looks onwards to what his Premiership will bring. In 2016 alone, there were nine Premiers, highlighting the instability that existed within the clan. The Premier will have to provide stability in a rank that recently had none, even further adding to his responsibility. Premier Vesuvius expressed more interest in developing the Battlefield 1 division however, leading many to speculate that the Halo division would be solely run by President Volo. Kevin expressed his wish of continuing to help LXM in any way he could, although he'll be taking a more backseat role. Deputy Premier TaconBaco, has also assumed office. Today also marks the historical 2-year anniversary since the introduction of Elitism to the clan, as well as 2-years since the Great Purge, also known as the Revolutionary Purge, began. The purge began on January 1st, 2015, and ended in July 2015. The purge, which was orchestrated by then-General Kevin, aimed to remove all those opposed to the new Elitist leadership, as well as those who were inactive. Although not thoroughly mentioned, many of those who were seen as "squeakers", were also purged from the clan, most notably SoupyBoss747360, who was purged from the clan, only to be let back in and purged again. Over the course of 7 months, LXM's population fell from 150 members to 30, representing roughly a 86.6% decrease. Most of these members were inactive, but at least 40% were kicked from the clan for being anti-Elitist or too young. Public humiliations via mass messages were a common sight within the purge. Public humiliations were roast sessions, in which high-ranking members would send the whole clan a group message on the site, calling out a single individual and exposing either their personal info, or simply their 'crimes'. The whole clan would participate in the roast. The victims had permissions removed, which prevented them from responding to messages. Looking back on the purge, the leadership regrets some parts of it, but realizes it was completely necessary for the clan to start anew, leading the 30 members who remained to establish LXM as the 460 man clan it is today. The purge solidified Elitism's grasp within the clan, and made it, by custom, the only ideology in LXM, which it remained until December 15th, 2016, when opposition groups were legalized, although they still have 0% representation in the Central Committee. 

Published January 1st, 2017: 11:48 AM EST Time

• 12/31/16 - Anti-discriminatory law passed

After repeated inflammatory remarks towards other members, 2017 opposition candidate, SoupyBoss747360 may be eligible for prosecution under a new law that was recently passed by Acting Premier Kevin, appropriately called 'Kevin's Law' (known officially as Central Advisory Commission Resolution #8). The law, which was endorsed by President Volo, explicitly prohibits harassment or discriminatory behavior of all and any sort, especially in the fields of race and sexual orientation. The law goes on to state that, "Racial, homophobic, or even heterophobic slurs within LXM will not be tolerated, with officers assuming full authority to take disciplinary action within such cases". The law aims to make the clan less biased, and was seen as a parting gift from Kevin, as he leaves office later today. The law also has a special clause, which allows for the prosecution of certain members based on past offenses, stating, "In the most extreme cases, past acts of discriminatory-related hostility can be subjected to penalty". Under this clause, SoupyBoss, and even the entire opposition faction can be penalized for their past behavior, due to the vagueness of this clause, which only specifies that past offenses can be persecuted, without thorough detail on who could be eligible. The opposition released a short statement in response, "We do not endorse any pro-discriminatory policies. What our candidate says is his words alone. Freedom of speech shouldn't be violated at any cost". Despite their claims, many members agree that this new law is the right step into 2017.

Published December 31st, 2016: 8:00 PM EST Time

• 12/30/16 - Expansion projects confirmed for 2017

The Central Advisory Commission has released a statement, with approval from President Volo, confirming some shocking details about what 2017 holds for LXM. After the President confirmed that LXM was expanding to Star Wars Battlefront (EA|2015) on December 7th, 2016, many evaluated this statement as confirmation that the only project being undertaken in 2017 would be on that said game. This speculation has been shot down, as the Central Advisory Commission released a statement citing their "Re-evaluation of the current situation, through the concession of many demands". The CAC confirmed that LXM would be expanding to: Battlefield 1, Grand Theft Auto V, Destiny, and Titanfall 2. However overwhelming the number of expansions there are, the CAC further explained how it would deal with the situation, "Expansion projects will be limited to a select few games that are ripe for the selection of new members, called dynamic projects, while other games will not be focused on recruiting new members, but rather on providing a community for current members to partake in." President Volo detailed that new members would be recruited on the following games: Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and possibly Battlefront [confirmation needed]. New members would not be recruited on Destiny and GTA V, with the main goal of forming communities out of LXM's current membership. President Volo has already appointed Prime Minister Vesuvius as Premier of Battlefield 1, TaconBaco as Deputy Premier of Battlefield 1, and Jeremytarm as Premier of Titanfall 2. Premiers for the Battlefront, GTA V, and Destiny Divisions are yet to be appointed. The possibility of expanding to Call of Duty® Infinite Warfare was also discussed. So far, only the Battlefield 1 division is accepting members, with all divisions likely to be up and running by February or March 2017.

Published December 30th, 2016: 3:58 PM EST Time

• 12/25/16 - Presidential candidates confirm their running mates

With the 2017 Presidential election approaching, Chairman of the Election Commission, LXM Kevin, has reviewed and confirmed the candidate's running mates. Incumbent President of LXM, LXM Volo announced his running mate to be LXM Nadekil, current and 5th Vice President of LXM. The President commented, "Nadekil is solely dedicated to the goodwill of the Elitist revolutionary cause, and is helpful to LXM. My victory will guarantee him one more year in office at least". Opposition candidate SoupyBoss747360 announced his running mate to be Hotdog12. Hotdog is a little known member of the community, who is not a member of LXM. His applications to LXM were rejected 3 times in the past 6 months, due to his feats of extreme racism. SoupyBoss commented on his running mate, "He is the great[est] person I see [fit] for Vice [President]. He is nine year[s] old and very [good] at leading". The Election Commission has predicted a landslide victory for the incumbent, with all surveys yielding a victory for President Volo by a margin of 91-100%. Over two thirds of opposition members have already conceded defeat, with several aiming to take over leadership of the Opposition after SoupyBoss's disastrous defeat. 

Published December 25th, 2016: 10:52 AM EST Time 

• 12/24/16 - PM-designate Vesuvius assumes the Secretariat

With the end of former-general Kevin's Acting Premiership approaching, his formal resignation from the role of Secretary of the Central Committee on December 23rd, 2016, was seen as a decisive move to heighten the state of stability around the transfer of power to Prime Minister-designate LXM Vesuvius. The role, which President Volo later assigned to Premier-designate Vesuvius, is the second highest within the Central Committee, thus making it the de-facto second most powerful job within LXM, second to the President and Chairman of the Central Committee. The role of Secretary grants its wielder the ability to veto an evaluation request of a Presidential order, as well as being able to dissolve a rotation of the Central Committee, with agreement of at least three other members, once every four months, second only to the Chairman who can dissolve the Central Committee by decree. Although LXM Vesuvius can carry out the role of a Premier, he won't fully assume the title until January 1st, 2017. In the final week of his Premiership, Kevin expressed interest in passing a rule explicitly banning racial and sexual discrimination of any sort, in the clan. 

Published December 24th, 2016: 9:36 PM EST Time

• 12/20/16 - Acting Premier Kevin guarantees peaceful transition of power

After citing initial concerns on the subject of LXM Vesuvius' Premiership designation, LXM Kevin, incumbent Acting Premier of LXM, assured that he would not delay or reject the peaceful transition of the Premiership to LXM Vesuvius. After halo ma5ter300 was removed from the Premiership on September 20th, 2016, a mere 21 days after assuming the rank, Kevin took over as an interim, until a new Premier could be chosen. As the second highest rank in LXM, the decision for a new Premier wouldn't be announced until November 16th, when it was announced LXM Vesuvius would assume the office on January 1st, 2017. President Volo would later announce the Premier-designate's choice of Deputies on December 10th, 2016, further paving the way to his assumption of power. LXM Kevin, who initially cited LXM Vesuvius' close relations with the President, as well as his abrupt resignation of the Vice Presidency in June to be of concern, later conceded his arguments. The Acting Premier reassured the Central Advisory Commission of his decision to resign from the rank on December 31st, 2016, lest he be removed by the President himself.

Published December 20th, 2016: 8:45 PM EST Time

• 12/17/16 - After 3 years, Pres. Volo agrees to attend peace talks

After 3 years since the 2nd Creeper Clan Civil War began, on February 8th, 2014, President Volo, former leader and founder of Creeper Clan, has agreed to attend peace talks between the two main factions of the civil war. The war began after former-Creeper Clan Leader Volo resigned his post as Leader of Creeper Clan on February 8th, 2014, after little over a year as the clan's leader. His resignation came after several months on instability within Creeper Clan, following a month-long civil war that took place in mid-2013. Accused of being implemented in various corrupt practices, including stealing the clan treasury which was worth $5,000 at the time, Volo left the clan in the hands of his chosen successor, Kevin.  Volo left Creeper Clan to divert more of his time to leading LXM, and although he was found not guilty of all charges in December 2015, never returned to the clan. On the same day that Volo left office, Creeper Clan's legislature, the Council of Ministers declared the appointment of Kevin as Creeper Clan's second leader to be null, citing that the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Matiburo, was the rightful successor to Volo. Kevin, who was Field Marshal of the Army at the time, attempted a coup against the Council of Ministers, a highly unpopular action within the clan. On the same day, the 2 sides formed their own factions and declared war on the other. Kevin formed the Creeper Clan Revolutionary Army (CCRA) with the goal of defeating the Council of Ministers. Matiburo formed the Creeper Clan United Front (CCUF), a mainly christian based organization with the goal of defeating the CCRA. 

Above: Flag of the Creeper Clan Revolutionary Army

Volo refused to back any individual faction, citing he would abstain from participating further in Creeper Clan's affairs. Volo was invited to attend peace talks three times, first in March 2014, second in October 2015, and third in December 2016. Despite his acceptance of the most recent invitation, Volo continues to remind Matiburo of his wish to refrain from direct involvement. The President commented, "Throughout past times in history, both factions of the war did nothing but to scapegoat me for the problems they created. I will offer my assistance in mediating the crisis, but guarantee my abstinence from direct involvement".  Volo also cited that December 18th, 2016 would be Creeper Clan's 4 year anniversary, and that it pained him to see that the last 3 of Creeper Clan's 4 years have been filled with conflict. Matiburo himself remarked, "I'm glad Volo is so willing to accept our olive branch of peace. However, I know for a fact that he is not a god-fearing man. He shrouds himself under the allusion of wisdom and kindness, but is in reality selfishly motivated. I haven't talked to him since January of 2014, however, and I hope we can settle this dispute.". Volo hinted that the reason Matiburo could be so willing for peace now, is he's likely facing dissent within his own ranks. The Council of Ministers is likely tired of his Chairmanship, and may want nothing more but to move on. Most of the Council's members agree Volo isn't guilty of any crime, while Matiburo insists that the trial was a sham. The Creeper Clan United Front under the Council of Ministers boasts a force of 250 men, while the Creeper Clan Revolutionary Army consists of 160 members. Both clans combined make up about less than half of Creeper Clan's pre-2014 status of 900 members. However, out of 58 direct confrontations, the CCUF has won 33, leading many others to speculate that it is really Kevin who is eager for the peace talks, fearing military defeat. Volo and many others believe both Kevin and Matiburo should resign their posts, so a new generation of leadership can steer the clan in the right direction, without any grudges. 

Published December 17th, 2016: 2:12 PM EST Time

• 12/15/16 - Opposition groups legalized, but limited

On December 14th, 2016, President Volo, announced that factions within the Central Committee would be legalized, a decision that was finalized on December 15th, 2016. After much debate and speculation, opposition groups within the Central Committee, also known as the non-Elitist factions, were finally recognized by the leading Elitist Faction. After Elitism was adopted as LXM's foremost policy on January 1st, 2015, opposition groups were shunned from the council. This was not by decree however, and was merely perceived to be President Volo's line of policy, after cracking down harshly on dissenters who defied the new code of law, most notably SoupyBoss747360, who was kicked from the clan twice. The Great Purge of LXM, as it was dubbed, ended in July 2015, 7 months after LXM's conversion to Elitism. 120 members, or 80% of the population at the time, were kicked from the clan, mainly due to inactivity, although many others were kicked for supporting Soupy's opposition. After LXM's first ever election was held on February 3rd, 2016, the opposition was formally created, with Spartacus and Scorpius leading it. Both received 27% and 5% of the vote, respectively, while President Volo won by a large margin. This election however, made many believe that the LXM government was either democratizing, or that the Elitists felt they were in a position to never lose an election. On June 19th, Spartacus and his deputy, Semper Fi, were kicked from LXM after it was revealed they were planning a coup, fracturing the opposition. Although these members claimed to be Elitist, it was only to save their own skin from the mainly Elitist committee. This newfound legalization is the first time that opposition towards Elitism has been openly tolerated, since January 2015. Despite this, challenges await the newly re-formed Opposition Faction. Many of their would-be supporters have left the opposition due to their pursuit of racial and discriminatory policies, compared to the Elitist Faction's secular policies. In order to win a single seat in the Central Committee, the opposition will also have to win 12.5% of the vote in the 2017 Presidential Election, a feat most agree is unattainable for them. Severe restrictions have also been placed on them, including the inability to gain seats in the Central Advisory Commission, as well as the fact that every officer and government post is currently held by the Elitists. It is likely that, under SoupyBoss, the opposition will remain in shambles, and that LXM will still remain dominated by the Elitists for many years to come. 

Published December 15th, 2016: 7:55 PM EST Time

• 12/12/16 - CAC Authorizes sweeping reforms

On December 12th, 2016, the Central Advisory Commission, LXM's current acting legislature, authorized a series of 'Central Committee Resolutions', which were all voted for unanimously. CAC Chairman, LXM Volo, commented that these reforms promised a fairer, and expanded version of the Central Committee, with all LXM members being considered in the final days of discussion. The resolutions passed adhere as follows:

• R#1 - The Central Committee will no longer have final decision making powers. In any and all decisions, the Central Advisory Commission will have the final decision making legislation. The Central Committee will mainly act as a debate forum where high-ranking members can discuss the policies proposed, giving the CAC a basis to make decisions on.

• R#2 - A single Central Committee rotation cannot last longer than 3 months, with no less than 5 members, and no more than 20, in an effort to curb over-extension, and corruption that may result from long-term service.

• R#3 - The roles of General Secretary of the Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee, and Senior Chairman of the Central Committee have be renamed to: Chairman of the Central Committee (reserved for the President of LXM), Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee (reserved for the Vice President of LXM), and Secretary of the Central Committee (reserved for the Prime Minister of LXM), to end role confusion.

• R#4 - The minimum initiation rank into the Central Committee, has been lowered from Colonel [COL], to Major [MAJR].

• R#5 - Once a specific division reaches 50 members, they are eligible for representation in the Central Committee.

• R#6 - The Central Committee now has the ability to impeach the President and his Prime Minister, a process previously undefined. In order to remove the incumbent, the Central Committee must commence an impeachment trial with 66% of the vote, and convict the incumbent with 85% of the vote. 

• R#7 - In any and all Presidential elections, to curb low turnout rates, those who do not note, will automatically have their votes granted to the incumbent. If a member is too lazy to vote against the incumbent, then they support him enough not to vote against him. Therefore, all votes will be out of the clan's total population at the time. 

Published December 12th, 2016: 7:53 PM EST Time

• 12/11/16 - The Halo Tonight Show, confirmed

President Volo, recently confirmed the beginning of a new YouTube series, "The Halo Tonight Show", with himself as its host. The series will likely follow a weekly or bi-weekly basis, as was said. The President remarked that the series would be for both promotional and comical reasons, as well as a chance for high-ranking members to be more widely known within LXM. After President Volo cancelled the "LXM Explained" series, after its second episode, few believed that the channel would produce more than gameplay videos. However, in the past few months, custom game production has dropped significantly, resulting in less content that has the chance of being viewed. The new series begins next week, with no specific date confirmed. Deputy Prime Minister TaconBaco was placed in charge of making the set, and will also be the cameraman. The first guest on the show will be Prime Minister-designate LXM Vesuvius, likely followed up closely by other high-ranking officials. Detailed plans after that point have not been disclosed. 

Published December 11th, 2016: 10:19 AM EST Time

• 12/10/16 - PM-designate LXM Vesuvius appoints his Deputies

On December 10th, 2016, long-time serving statesmen and Prime Minister-designate, LXM Vesuvius confirmed his Deputy Prime Minister designates. Out of 3 candidates: halo ma5ter300, Kellen099, and TaconBaco, the Prime Minister-designate was allowed to choose two, to serve together under his administration. Premier-designate LXM Vesuvius remarked, "It is with a heavy  heart that I confirm these appointments. The candidates that I have designated to be my Deputies are Kellen and TaconBaco. It is my assumption that they will do their jobs right, seeing both have extensive paths with LXM. Kellen has been with us from the beginning, despite the many criticisms that were raised against him in 2015. TaconBaco seems young, but active. He'll have to host tons of custom games during the week, since that's when I can't really be on. Any falter in his duties and I will remove him without hesitation, and appoint another. The same goes for Kellen. I look forward to the new administration."  President Volo approved these designations at 11:30 AM EST Time, saying in the CAC, "I have high expectations for these designates. Any dismissal of their duties will be a reflection of the clan. I encourage the Prime Minister-designate to make sure they stay in line, and follow his command". Acting Prime Minister Kevin also gave his full support for the designates, "Honestly, I've no idea whether this decision was wise or rash, but I wish the best of luck to these new designates.". The concern for Kellen, is that he is rarely seen on Xbox, so TaconBaco will likely have to express his utmost dedication to make up for the both of them. TaconBaco, on the other hand, is a relatively new member, joining LXM in June 2016. His lack of experiencing will make appeasing his veteran-member boss, Vesuvius, that much more difficult. The unlikely duo will both assume office on January 1st, 2017, ushering in the newly nicknamed "VoloVius" administration.

Published December 10th, 2016: 8:28 PM EST Time

• 12/7/16 - Pres. Volo confirms expansion to SW: Battlefront

In today's most recent Central Advisory Commission (CAC) proposal, President Volo announced his plans to expand onto Star Wars Battlefront (2015). The President remarked: "With 60 players per match, theoretically, I could get 3 times as many recruits per match than in Halo's largest game type, warzone. This game is ripe for potential. The competition is minimal, as clans are much rarer in Battlefront these days. In Halo, there are thousands of clans, with individuals identifying themselves as part of many smaller guilds, rather than a unified and collected coalition. In Battlefront, many people just want a sense of community. That's what we'll provide."  This announcement came amidst speculations that the CAC would decide to expand onto Destiny, after the President referenced the game multiple times. This confirmation smashes the theory that LXM would be expanding onto Destiny, to appeal to its Halo players, signalling that Volo's administration is more interested in reaching new members, rather than forming divisions made up of its current members. The President also mentioned how this new game would be governed, "We'll have Premiers who lead each game, which will be different than the current rank of Premier. We'll refer to the Premier of LXM as the Prime Minister of LXM, chiefly, to avoid confusion. For example, the leader of the Battlefront division would be known as: Premier of Star Wars Battlefront. Each game's Premier will be appointed and removed by me, as I see fit. They'll manage their own games, while I'll recruit the members for them. My main goal is for them to maintain the activity of the members I recruit. I'll check up on them once or twice a month, and they'll tell me what activities they hold, and show me first-hand. I'll also question some of the members to confirm its legitimacy. They won't have their own council, and there will be very few ranks in each game for the clan. An LXM on welfare you could say. Each game's Premier will be a member of the Central Committee, but will directly govern their own affairs and hold limited autonomy. As long as they recognize my authority, keep our members active, and avoid wars, they can lead. A violation of this could mean their dismissal." President Volo also alluded to expanding to GTA6 upon its release, citing his interest in free-roam games. Plans to expand to new games once a year are in development, however this situation brings light to a new scenario: The efficient Central Advisory Commission, currently the clan's acting legislature, may not be willing to relinquish power to the Central Committee in the near future. 

Published December 7th, 2016: 8:31 PM EST Time 

• 12/4/16 - 2017 Presidential Election Confirmed

After much speculation, President Volo confirmed that a Presidential election would be held in LXM, from February 3 - 6, 2017. President Volo announced that this was on his agenda, after the dissolution of the 3rd rotation of the Central Committee. Preparations have been finalized between the two candidates: Incumbent President, LXM Volo, and opposition candidate, SoupyBoss747360. A number of other candidates have also expressed interest, and have until January to finalize a decision. The elections that are held in LXM are closely watched by other clans, as it is a unique process that is unheard of in any other clan. President Volo insisted that his members be granted this right, and fought for nearly 2 years against corrupt officials such as Spartacus and Zhi Dgo, to protect this right. LXM Kevin has been made the election commissioner, and promises no bias to either of the candidates. The commission predicts a landslide victory for President Volo, who won 63% of the vote in the February 2016 election. 


Emblem of the office of the President

President Volo, on behalf of the Central Advisory Commission has also outlined specific duties for the President and the Prime Minister of LXM, in an effort to curb the corruption that came as a result of the two posts' vagueness. As one of the largest clans on Halo, LXM's democratic system is of the utmost importance. Any decision the members make, has the ability to affect all the clans that LXM shares relations with.

• 11/29/16 - President Volo dissolves the government

On November 29th, 2016, incumbent President of LXM and Chairman of the Central Advisory Commission, Volo, dissolved the authority of the 3rd rotation of the Central Committee. President Volo cited the fact that many members within the Central Committee were either too inactive or too incompetent to serve the clan, after over half of its members failed to meet their monthly recruitment quotas of only 5 recruits/month. Using his power as Chairman of the Central Committee, President Volo dissolved the Central Committee, and replaced it with the temporary authority of the Central Advisory Commission, which will serve as LXM's acting legislature until the 4th rotation of Central Committee members is chosen, in January 2017. This power can be only used once every four months, to prevent its abuse, signifying the President's sincerity in the matter. The Central Advisory Commission is already in the process of making a multitude of important decisions, most importantly: The proclamation of President Volo as Field Marshal of the Armies, a merger of the ranks of General of Alpha, Beta, and the 301st Divisions, the creation of an official Forge Commission with LXM Nadekil at its helm, expanding the Central Commmittee from 8 to 14 seats, setting up a judicial section of the Central Committee with its own Chief Justice, thoroughly outlining and defining the powers of each government rank, the removal of 3 anonymous individuals from the Central Committee, implementation of a civil service commission to test people for Committee membership, the inclusion of age and service requirements to be a Committee member, detailed protocol for official and legal resignation from a post, qualifications to force a Committee member into retirement, qualifications to legally retire, the organization of a February 2017 Presidential Election, setting up an electoral commission to distribute electoral codes to every 32 members to prevent fraud, and the legalization of opposition factions in the Central Committee with heavy restrictions. President Volo emphasized the need to include more members into the government, and give those interested a chance. President Volo stressed the fact that people needed to be educated in the government as well, seeing the overwhelming lack of knowledge of LXM's government, even within the Central Committee itself. President Volo said that experience and knowledge is key, and summarized his Presidential career in the CAC's chat with one quote: "In 2013, Volo was respected for being the President. Now, the President is respected for being Volo". 

Published on November 29th, 2016: 7:25 PM EST Time 

• 11/26/16 - PM-designate Vesuvius prepares for office

Above: Prime Minister-designate LXM Vesuvius holds court, at the command center formerly used by President Volo, now replaced with the Presidential Palace. 

Prime Minister-designate LXM Vesuvius and President Volo met on November 26th, 2016, to discuss integral policies to better the future of LXM. President Volo warned of the grave severity of LXM's 2020 Project, and how it would shape all policies made within the next 4 years. The Premier-designate acknowledged the fact that 11 Prime Ministers before him had served under the President's tenure, and cited that he would provide stability in a position that previously had none. The Premier-designate also expressed the wish for him to remain in the post until the conclusion of the 2020 Project, on December 31st, 2020. 

Above: The President converses with his future Prime Minister

The President also expressed the need to thwart counter-revolutionaries and to interact with the people. The two statesmen inspected one of LXM's basic training maps, looking for ways to improve the map, which had not been used since its creator, former-General xX TEXS Xx, was kicked from LXM for treason on October 14th, 2016. 

Above: The President and Premier-designate inspect a shooting-range

The two statesmen also discussed how best to implement recently formed commissions, to serve the people. Both the President and Prime Minister-designate urged the need to co-operate in getting people more involved in their government, later on during the future years of Vesuvius' premiership. Both men came to the agreement that the Central Committee's membership needed to be expanded, and more branches had to be created. 

Above: The two statesmen gaze outward to a recently renovated fighting arena. 

The President and Premier-designate also expressed the need to cooperate in the fields of gaining the trust of the populace, as well as earning the respect of the community. The Premier-designate expressed his resolute approval at the re-commission of basic training sessions in LXM, to promote discipline and skill. The Premier-designate gave his re-assurance that he would fulfill his new responsibilities faithfully. Upon the presentation of President Volo's recommendations for the post of Deputy Prime Minister, Premier-designate Vesuvius cited he would make a decision within one months time. 

Published on November 26th, 2016, 9:15 PM EST Time

• 11/21/16 - Post-coup LXM: 3 months later

Three months ago today, on August 21st, 2016, 5 coup plotters attempted to overthrow the Volo-administration in a vicious coup'd'etat. At 6:40 PM (EST), August 21st, Former Vice President Dizzy Rite, General Shaw XiiX, PinkRav3n, BreakingBennet, and Mr Beck X publicly denounced President Volo in front of then-Premier, halo ma5ter300. The coup plotters took control over LXM's site, which Volo was in the process of transferring members to. These counter-revolutionaries attempted to force President Volo to resign his posts as President of LXM and General Secretary of the Central Committee, as well as disbanding LXM altogether. President Volo managed to outsmart them by transferring members back to the old site. The coup plotters failed due to bad timing, as only 1/5th of LXM's members at that point had been notified about the new website. The coup plotters then made their own clan, called TROGC. 3 months later, LXM has completely transformed. The coup attempt highlighted the problems within LXM, which the Volo administration viciously purged from the clan. The policy of Elitism was reinstated following the downfall of the Spartacus clique in June 2016, and LXM's ranking structure was remodeled in September. The Central Committee was also redone, and, on October 27th, 2016, the Central Advisory Commission was created, as the final reform to LXM. LXM's membership has increased by about 60 members since the coup attempt, and activity has slightly increased. TROGC, on the other hand, can be classified as the rubbish tip of the clan community. TROGC peaked at 15 members in September, and ever since then has been in a steep decline. Activity in TROGC has fallen by 73%, and their spartan company population has decreased to 6. Many of TROGC's members have defected to LXM, after realizing the horrific corruption that occurs there. 

Published on November 21st, 2016, 6:23 PM EST Time

11/19/16 - A Presidential Ass Whoopin'

In President Volo's most recent video, "Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake" the President, Vice President, Chief Sergeant TaconBaco, and GYJ Agent Victorem are seen exposing the truth about various military clans including NRI, NavCom, and Exodus. Vice President Nadekil enlightened the populace on NavCom, "NavCom is even a worse clan [than Exodus], although not as corrupt" (6:26 Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake), also remarking that "NavCom is just a bunch of little kids wanting to be cool, but aren't" (6:35 Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake). Chief Sergeant TaconBaco remarked, "They're [NavCom] a bunch of little kids" (6:41 Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake). GYJ Agent Victorem added, "Most people in Exodus talk like this: (proceeds to imitate 5-year old) 'You succkkk! You need to get better at the gammee!'" (7:13 Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake). President Volo delivered the final blow to Exodus, proceeding to converse, "Hashtag MEGA; Make Exodus Great Again [Laughs] It was never great in the first place, I donno what you're talking about" (7:25 Halo 5 Custom Game: Timberland Remake). In the past, most of the President's public criticisms were dealt upon two clans: TROGC and Mandoa. These new remarks can be seen as a growing amount of confidence in LXM's supremacy, with President Volo even remarking later, "I'm gonna make a video where I roast every single military clan there is. Victorem should write my script!". These comments can also be interpreted as a result of President Volo's annoyance with the rest of the Halo community, being a known pacifist and expansionist within the community, as well as a supporter of pan-Halo unity.

Published November 19th, 2016, 9:05 PM EST Time

11/16/16 - LXM Vesuvius, soon to be Prime Minister

On November 11th, 2016, LXM Vesuvius formally retired from the post of Vice Premier, placing him in the newly formed rank of Honorary Chairman. However, does his appointment as Premier-designate, a mere 5 days later,  sound like he'll be leaving anytime soon?

Premier-designate LXM Vesuvius

Incumbent Chairman of LXM and Assistant Director of the 2020 Project, LXM Vesuvius has assumed multiple posts in the first two weeks of November alone, courtesy of his status as a member of the respected Central Advisory Commission, as well as his status as former Vice President of LXM. Now, Chairman Vesuvius' trail of titles continues, with his most recent appointment as Prime Minister (Premier) designate of LXM. President Volo made this arrangement, after former-General of Gamma Division, and incumbent Lieutenant General of Beta Division, LXM NightWolfe announced the fact that he would not be able to assume the Premiership, which he was scheduled to do on December 1st, 2016. Vesuvius' reputation worked towards his favor, after President Volo used his power as General Secretary of the all-powerful Central Committee, to appoint Chairman Vesuvius as the Prime Minister designate of LXM. No signs of disapproval were seen in the Central Committee. Chairman Vesuvius will assume the Premiership on January 1st, 2017, but begins his duties effective immediately. This appointment came as a shock to some, who perceived Vesuvius' removal from the Vice Presidency as a sign of decline in his status. However, rising against all odds, Chairman Vesuvius is now an even more important statesman than throughout the entirety of his 3+ year long career. His Prime Minister-designation was seen as a promotion, also in part to his loyalty to President Volo, also signifying the decline of opposition elements within the Central Committee. Chairman Vesuvius accepted the designation, with Volo briefing him on how important the role is. The appointment of Chairman Vesuvius also signified LXM's conversion into a full Semi-Presidential system, or one with a President and a Prime Minister. As one of the largest clans on Halo, at 400+ registered members, Chairman Vesuvius' internal policy-making decisions will be vital to the clan.

Published November 16th, 2016, 8:49 EST Time