"United as one, divided by none"

The Military Ranks in LXM are earned by completing various objectives (seen below), that vary and get progressively more difficult as time goes on. Each rank has the abilities of the rank below them, plus additional abilities the higher up the ranks you go. If you have completed the tasks specified to rank up from your current rank, you MUST fill out and submit the rank-up request below to rank up:

If your rank up proposal is accepted, you will be notified on Xbox Live.

President: - PRES

The President of LXM serves as the ceremonial embodiment of the unity of all LXM members, and proposes rules for the LXM Senate to vote on.

Vice Presidents: - VICE

LXM has 3 vice-presidents: One for every major department: one for the Department of Military Affairs, one for the Department of casual Affairs, and one for the Department of Recruitment & Expansion.

Senator: - (SNTR)

Represents a division of twenty members in the LXM Senate. Is elected by popular vote once every four months.

General: - GENL (CO10)

Works closely with Council to ensure continued success of the community. Oversees all operations given to him/her by Council. A general serves as a senior and respected member within their division/company and on top of promoting and demoting members, hosting raids, trainings, and recruitment lobbies, advise the SCDR, and also qualify to represent LXM in meetings with other clans.

Colonel: - COLN (CO06)

Commissioned into position by The Councils. Works closely with General to ensure success of the community. Oversees operations involving discord activity and community activity and continues to promote active involvement of both areas from all members within his/her company. Colonel is actively looking for new leaders to bring into High Command and to be Squad Leaders within the community.

Lt. Colonel: - LTCL (CO05)

Commissioned into position by The Councils. Works closely with Colonel to ensure success of the community. Oversees Squad Leaders activities such as competitive game play and custom games. Works will Mistery of Forge on developing new Raid and competitive game play maps and game types.

Major: - MAJR (CO04)

Works with the Captains to make sure that they are doing their job and making sure that the Company are meeting minimum requirements. A Major can assign directives to Captains, and on top of hosting recruitment lobbies and training sessions, can also arrange raids with other clans or another division within LXM, and serve as a commander of a base.

Captain: - CAPT (CO03)

Known as the Company Commander. They must maintain respect and order within their company. A Captain is fully responsible for all members within his/ her Company. The Captain has to maintain their Company’s minimum requirements. A captain can also represent his division and become a Council of Ministers member.

1st Lieutenant: - 1LTN (C002)

The 1st Lieutenant is the direct deputy to the Captain, serving under his command. The 1st Lieutenant can be assigned any duties by the captain, and can assign duties to the 2nd Lieutenant. 

2nd Lieutenant - 2LTN (C001)

The 2nd Lieutenant is the first officer rank, and can command enlisted members lower in rank than he. The 2nd Lieutenant receives orders from the 1st Lieutenant and Captain. 

Sergeant Major: - SGTM (EO92)

All Sergeant Majors are seen has Senior Members in the Company. There are working there way to become a Officer. All Sergeant Major must be in the community for at least 4 months before a request to rank up to a Captain can be filled out. A Sergeant Major will be in charge of their former Squad and could have up to 10 that they will oversee. A Sergeant Major can also host and direct entire basic training sessions. Sergeant Major will begin a company's Officer Training if the company/division has one.

First Sergeant: - 1SGT (E082)

First Sergeant continuing to work with their squad helping them grow. All First Sergeants must be in the community for at least 3 months. A First Sergeant is responsible for up to 10 members within his/her division and will ensure that his squad is active within LXM. He/she can host training sessions and/or open recruitment lobbies.

Staff Sergeant: - SSGT (EO06)

Beginning rank for Squad Leader, Staff Sergeants that show exceptional leadership skill will be selected for this position. Must be in the community for at least 2 months. Squad leader SSGT will help their current or new squad maintain activity within their division.

Sergeant: SRGT (EO05)

All Sergeants are considered Senior Members in the community. Members must have been in the community for at least 1 month. A sergeant can also serve as an officer during training sessions for new recruits. If Sergeant is in a squad, he/she must decide to take on a role as a Squad Leader with new Recruits or stay in current squad.

Corporal: - CRPL (EP04)

               Third and Final Rank of Enlisted Personnel. Corporals show great promise within LXM. They have completed any basic training for their division. Must be in the clan for at least 3 weeks before promotion.

Private First Class: - PRFC (EP02)

                Second rank of Enlisted Personnel. PFCs continue to show great leadership and skill within their division. Any basic training for a division must be completed by this rank.  Must be in the clan for at least 2 weeks before promotion.

Private: PRVT (EP01)

                First rank of Enlisted Personnel. PVTs must go thru a “Basic Training” either to test skill/leadership or to determine their place inside the division for future ranks. Must be in the clan for a week before promotion.