"United as one, divided by none"

LXM 2017 ROE

Rules of Engagement

Part I: Gametype

  • FFA Gametype only

  • No time limit or score to win

  • All spartan abilities available and unaltered

  • No Machinima Controls

  • 2 Starting grenades

  • Unlimited Ammo

  • No que fill, raids can be 8v8, 7v7, 6v6, 5v5, 4v4

  • Spawn trapping and killing is prohibited

  • Maximum raid time for a scheduled raid is 3 hours, 1.5 hours at minimum

  • Angel jumping is allowed

  • Visibility check is to be turned off

Part II: Weapons

  • One of each of the following power weapons, for defenders: 1 Sniper, 1 Rocket, 1 Spartan Laser, 1 Railgun, 1 Hydra, 1 grenade launcher, 1 melee weapon (sword or hammer) and no other power weapons.

  • Power ups are also prohibited

  • Banned weapons include:Gauss turret, splinter turret, rocket turret, req weapons above the standard variation.

  • Other permitted weapons include: Halo 2 BR, Saw, and shotgun.

  • Turrets can only be normal turrets, that can be destroyed.

  • Glitched and modded weapons are prohibited.

  • If defenders drop weapons, attackers are allowed to pick them up and use them.

  • The only Req Variants accepted for loadout weapons are, Silencer, extended mag, and laser.

Part III: Maps

  • At least 8 pieces of sizable cover should be spread out all over the map, from near the spawn to the entrance of the base. Pieces of cover should be unscripted.

  • There must be a clear entrance into the base, accessible by all.

  • No hidden teleporters are allowed leading from outside to inside the base.

  • Hidden entrances are not allowed.

  • Scripted doors must be able to open from both sides: with clear and visible interactive switches

  • Shields are allowed, but must be destroyable with a 30 second respawn.

  • Any affects impeding visibility are unallowed.

  • Invisible barriers are not allowed surrounding the base, but can be used only to prevent people from going to far from the map.

Part IV: Vehicles

  • A maximum of one standard air vehicle can be used. Allowed air vehicles include: Standard Wasp only

  • Aerial vehicles should set their respawn time to 10 minutes

  • Aerial vehicles cannot be used to spawn camp

  • Land vehicles for attackers should include: One standard warthog and one mongoose. Respawn time should be default.

  • If the defenders use aerial vehicles, attackers must receive these weapons at spawn: BR, AR, Smg. Set the respawn to one minute on these weapons.