Do I Really Need a Smart Phone?

Have you been contemplating about getting that sleek new T-Mobile G1 or that AT&T Tilt? Do you really need it? lenovo tab m10 You’ll be surprised how much there is to consider when you opt for a smart phone. There are many pros and cons to getting that smart phone that many associates at your local cell phone dealer won’t tell you because this person is trying to sell you the most expensive phone in the store and its equally expensive monthly plan.

I personally own a smart phone and I’m not saying they’re no good. The truth is there are many good reasons to own one of these phones. I like to stay connected and a smart phone is one of the best ways to do it. I use my phone constantly, checking emails between meetings, surfing the web while waiting to be seated at my favorite restaurant, and even using my phone’s GPS function to get to the restaurant. However, I didn’t get a smart phone until recently, I really didn’t think I needed a smart phone until I started my company, my internet store for cell phone accessories. A smart phone became a necessity so I could stay connected online to make sure my customers received prompt responses.

Now that I have established that I’m not anti-smart phone, I would like to point out why you may not want or need one. A smart phone usually uses more power than a regular cell phone, this means constantly charging it. A Motorola RAZR can stay on for 3 days; a smart phone used moderately will stay on for 1 day at best. If you plan to go on a long trip without an outlet where you can charge your phone, be sure to leave your power chugging phone at home.

Most smart phones also require that you get a data plan. This can potentially add another 20 to 30 dollars to your bill. Unless you plan to use the internet on a daily basis you will be paying this extra money for no reason at all. Sure this phone makes you look sophisticated, but you really don’t need to pay an extra 200 or 300 dollars a year for it . Save your money and buy the newest and sleekest phone every New Year with the savings.

Additionally, smart phones are usually quite bulky, adding a lot of weight and taking away a lot of pocket space. This might force you to wear one of those dorky cell phone belt clips instead of being able to slip the phone straight into your pocket. Sure there is the keyboard for those of you who like to text but you can get that same feature with some of the newer phones that have a QWERTY keyboard. Although it does not seem like it adds a lot of weight or bulk in your pocket, after carrying your phone months and months, it will get in your way sometimes. If you don’t plan to use your phone for extensive internet use, stick with a regular cell phone. They’re usually very sleek and most carriers offer a limited internet plan which allows you to still stay connected without having to worry about people asking you why you have a brick in your pocket.

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